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A Sleep Clinic confirmed that I had RLS and the specialist doctor recommended that I use Ropinirole for relief, taking a 2mg tablet at night. I found that I was having the problem also during the day so I took 1mg at night and .5mg during the day.

A Facebook friend suggested that I have a look at Halycon bracelets so I did the usual "research" by reading others' experiences which left me none the wiser, so I resorted to my trusted dowsing. We exhibit our products at Mind, Body, Soul type exhibitions country wide and are amused at the latest discoveries and miracle cures that lure gullible people. We teach dowsing and encourage people to dowse before they buy anything.

Some people toss a coin to help with a dilemma and hope, while the coin is in the air, that it will fall on the right ( ?) side. One is supposed to have a clear mind when dowsing, but I - an experienced dowser - was sure that my dowsing would tell me that the bracelets were not for me. On the contrary, the response was positive. My wife is naturally suspicious so I asked her to dowse for me, expecting her to get a negative but she confirmed my result.

Q.E.D. Thank you, Angela Hicks.

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  • Copper does have anti-bacterial effects hence hospitals now using it in their equipment. Colloidal Silver also has antibacterial effects but as far as I can ascertain neither have any reason to work on RLS. Can you post a link with research into their effectiveness please?

    Personally speaking I've tried a copper bracelet, (admittedly not Halycon) and found no relief. I would imagine the only way they would work is through placebo - although I am not rubbishing placebo if it works for you it works.

  • I will certainly post the effectiveness or otherwise after a reasonable trial period.

  • I do not get what dowsing for health reason means. And, I googled the heck out of it.

  • Let's get this right; I am not trying to sell anything.

    Dowsing has many applications: water divining, earth energies, archaeology, health et al. In essence it is a way of getting answers to questions.

  • I believe you, but had to ask. You said you show your "products" at shows. so was just making sure. I still do not see what dowsing has to do with RLS.

  • Well then answer my question please. What does it have to with "health et al"? It is a simple question to answer if you teach dowsing.

  • To put it simply, I dowsed to see if a certain product would be of benefit to me as I have restless legs. This has been mentioned in the thread.

  • But ,if you "exhibit" your "products" at trade shows, and you teach dowsing why can you not tell us what the heck it has to do with RLS. I realize you are on meds for RLS, bordering on being over the highest dose that is therapeutic, I still want to know what dowsing has to do with anything? Do you teach dowsing for free?

  • I teach dowsing for free to those with the right attitude.

    Next question: What is the right attitude?

  • Hi sidvin, firstly what happened at the sleep clinic . Were you hooked up for the night to record your sleep..? RLS is only diagnosed by telling your doctor your symptoms is that how you were diagnosed..?

    The 2mg Ropinerole is now the highest dose recommended to take for RLS. So, i would not go any higher and if it doesnt work, then that med is not for you. Augmentation is a big problem through all the groups i belong to because of people taking a high dose of a dopamine med.

    On the Halcyon Bracelets here is some information that came to light recently, if you have already bought them, then good luck.

  • My wife and I were watching television; the programme was about accidents caused by lorry drivers because of sleep apnoea. I was not aware of this condition. I frequently feel drowsy while driving - we used to drive quite a lot - and thought it would be a good idea to talk with my doctor about it. He referred me to a sleep clinic.

    The room was completely wired up, a video camera on me, sound being recorded, a clip thing on my finger and all the stuff that is done for an ECG.

    The following morning a nurse explained that the primary cause of lack of sleep was breathing problems so she displayed the breathing graph which showed normal and steady breathing.

    Next was the movement graph which showed periodic peaks. She then linked the movement graph to the video and saw that my leg(s) twitched.

    Next I saw the clinic doctor who prescribed Ropinirole which has helped me cope with this awful condition.

  • You are describing PLMD here not RLS.

  • What Pippin says is true. Sleep Apnea and PLMD are diagnosed in sleep studies. RLS happens when you are awake, Diagnostic criteria is set by the International RLS Study Group, and RLS's criteria is that you have to have the URGE to move while awake that cannot be ignored. That means you cannot lay down to sleep, or sit still and also that is why we are called "Nightwalkers". Sidvin, you are not going to try and sell a product here? That is against the rules of this forum.

  • Without medication my legs are restless day and night, call it what you will.

    I am NOT trying to sell anything.

  • I think what they recorded is PLMD not RLS. PLMD is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, which happens while you are asleep. RLS happens while you are awake or wakes you up and you have to get out of bed to pace, also RLS you have to have the urge to move your legs. A lot of sleep doctors mix up both of those conditions. You can suffer with both RLS and PLMD or one or the other. Ropinerole is used to treat both conditions. PLMD causes your brain to be aroused and you think you have slept well but in fact you havent, Hence you feel very sleepy in the day time. You did the right thing by getting a sleep study done.

  • Everyone should have a sleep study done. 70% of people with RLS also have PLMD, and a lot of times sleep apnea shows up.

  • I thought for a long time the two were one in the same - when I would eventually get to sleep the good lady wife had to get out as I was kicking at her, (well not her in particular :) ).

  • Angela could you explain what you mean by"resorted to dowsing".I dont see how a water findimg device could advise you about the bracelets or am I thinking of the wrong thing altogether?

  • Like I have said earlier, dowsing has many applications, the most common being water divining. You can also dowse earth energy lines, archaeology, Health and virtually anything.

  • Well Sidvin I have heard it all,if you have rls I don't believe a copper bangle will help,let's get real how bad is your prob do you get rls in the day or just at night ,is it painful or just a pest ,do you walk the house half the night, well what is your answer

  • I re- read this. Sidvin is saying she researched the bracelets, and then goes into talking about "miracle cures" and "gullible people". her thing is dowsing, and I do not get that at all. But she is not pushing the stupid bracelets. ;) lol A woman using the screen name sjarvo is the "bracelet lady. Go look at the post where she goes after me on "Copper bracelets- as a cure?" or similar to that. ;) I know it is confusing. ;) sjarvo posted on that one about bracelets on that post that is 2 months old about 3 hrs ago. And see the info that Elisse and I posted. It is an interesting read, for sure!

  • My medication takes care of the night; I sometimes forget to take .5mg during the day and cannot sit still. I walk the house or in the garden until the medication kicks in.

  • Again Sidvin if you have rls you wouldn't forget to take one tablet a day,when you are walking your garden are you water divining or maybe meditating ,have a nice day the sun is out

  • I'm out. Haven't got time for pettiness.

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