Restless Legs Syndrome


I am trying Acupuncture at present for my Restless Legs and I don't no whether it has caused me to have a reprieve from the severe spasms, but I am going through a nice calm patch at the moment. I am on Rotigitine Patches which generally help but sometimes they don't seem too.

So I don't really know if the Acupuncture is working or not or if I am at the same time having a calmer time due to the medication. Time will tell.

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Hi Gonzo, to really know whether the acupuncture is actually working on your RLS, you would have to be med free. I have tried acupuncture in the past and it didnt help my RLS and i was med free at the time. Sometimes meds seem to not work then start to work again. It seems no med works 100% all the time. Keep in touch with your acupuncture experience and whether you managed to go med free.


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