hi everybody, i spent yesterday eating my christmas chocolates. i was on the computer until 1-0 am this morning. then, guess what............i have sleped like a log until 8-0 am. seven hours sleep.......

did not even get up for the loo..

even my wife was up first this morning.

ha. thank goodness i dont have to give up chocs. i think i will start on my wifes today.


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  • Thats good news, so chocs have been eliminated as a trigger for you. Not sure they will help you keep healthy tho. lol Thinking bulging waistline. :P :)

  • thanks elisse, what waistline???

  • Stop the chocs and find the waistline. A new game... lol :)

  • high in magnesium

  • high in magnesium

  • Way to go I 'll send mind over ......oops I ate them hehehehehehe:)

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