Old blue has a very short memory, I don't know if I've asked this before, but my feet has been killing me more than usual lately. I'm wondering if chocolate can be causing this as I've been putting chocolate syrup on my vanilla ice cream and I've eaten chocolate fudge bars for I can't remember how long? I didn't put any syrup on my ice cream last night and my feet weren't as bad. I hope chocolate is the cause of the problem. I can cut the syrup and fudge bars off. many thanks for an answer. GOD bless every one. Blair, AKA Old Blue

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  • Hi oldblue, chocolate, ice cream, sweet sugary foods can be a trigger for some people and can make RLS worse. The only way to find out is to, leave off those foods for a week or two see if your RLS is ok, then try taking one of those foods each week and see if any or all may make your RLS worse. :)

  • I'm in the process of doing that at the moment, hopefully it'll ease things.

  • thank you very much Elise, I'll try that for sure

  • I have to say yes! lol only because I'm going through the same problem and for the past few weeks my legs have been at there worst, because of the amount of chocolate/ crap I've eaten over Xmas, now it's not AS bad but it's not just at night, I would try the break from chocolate, has worked for me, good luck 😘

  • thanks Vonnie70, I'm going to take yours and Elisse advice. It's 1:55 a.m. Friday morn. here in the states and I have had better than usual periods of sleep the last 2 nights. I haven't eaten any ice cream or chocolates for 3 days and my RLS hasn't been as bad. My feet however have been hurting awful. I've been thinking back about the past month or so and I've been eating oatmeal 3 or 4 times a night with 5 tea spoons of sugar in each bowl. When I can't sleep I have to eat. I don't understand why I stay so hungery all the sleepless nights. Have you got an explaintation for that? I'ts not unsual for me to go 3 entire days and nights without one wink of sleep and then I guess fatigue takes over and I'll sleep one night, then it's the same routine again. Stress can be factor in my case also. My daughter has just recently been diganosed with Fibromagalia and RLS. My wife has had TMJ ever since w've been married which will be 50 yrs. the 29th of this month. I love them so much and it just breaks my heart to watch them hurt. Keep your fingers croosed for them and me and I'll do the same for you. God bless you and yours. Blair, AKA Old Blue

  • Wow!! 5tsp of sugar!! That's a lot, you will be hungrier having that much sugar as its fast release therefore burns quicker and you need more food, and hungrier more often, try changing to something with carbohydrates, as it's slow release and fills you up more. Don't forget sugar gives you energy, so having it before bed isn't really advisable, you need something warm/hot like milk or malt drink and maybe something like a bath (I find a real hot bath helps sometimes). sleeping so little is dangerous, you need to see a Dr and get something to help you, you are no use,to yrself or your family, they sound like they and you are going through a real sh*tty time, I hope it gets easier for you all, but look after yourself Hun, get help, remember you aren't invincible and you need to be well to help them. Congrats on the 50yrs WOW!! That's awesome, it's great to hear marriages can work even though there are lots of problems, means you are a very strong couples which I guess is why it's been 50yrs lol. Hugs to you xx

  • I'd agree that the sugar in the chocolate is the problem, rather than the chocolate itself. Sugar causes inflammation. If you've got a choc craving, try Crio Bru ( It's ground chocolate; you brew it like coffee. I still wouldn't drink it at night, though -- keeps me up. For those night-time wanders, you could try making Golden Milk with tumeric to reduce inflammation - ( But Elisse's recommendation is the best -- everybody has different triggers


  • I''ll know hopefully in a week or so. I'm now eating sugar free food. I'll check back with you later. GOD BLESS Blair

  • OH MY RLS AND ACHING FEET. After 69 yrs. on this earth GOD has been so good to me. I'm still trying to keep the FAITH for HIS help. I don't know how those of you have had RLS and other aches and pains so much longer than have been able to make it. I's been a few days since I've said any thing on here and 1 total wk. since I quit the sugar. I made the commit that the RLS and aching burning feet had let up some. Since then they have gotten worse especially my feet, both feet are are truly hurting so bad. I haven't been able to sleep in my bed for so long. I sleep in a recliner what little I get mostly sitting half way up with my feet on the cool wooden floor. I'm going the dr. Monday and have my blood checked for sugar. Maybe the sugar is causing a lot of this as I posted a few days ago. It's 5: a. m. here in the states no sleep 2 nites now. Pray for me as I will do for you all. GOD bless every one. Blair, AKA Old Blue.

  • Have you tried Pramipexole. I have been on it for 20 years I take 2 x 0.25 mgs. per day one in mid afternoon and the other approx. one hour before bedtime.

  • Thanks for the response Don T I think you can see my reply to Ellise. If not let me know. Blair AKA Old Blue

  • DonT, i have to say, thats is a long time you have been able to take pramipexole, even tho your dose is a little bit high. I have known people who after a few years have had their doctor up their dose way over what they should take, More like a Parkinson's dosage. I am glad you have been able to get relief from your med for all those years. :)

  • Hi oldblue, when you have the aching burning feet, do you still have the URGE to move you legs for relief..? Or is it just the aching burning thats stopping you from sleeping..?

  • hey Elisse, I've been on pramipexole 2.5 yrs. with out any help. As far as the aching and shakeing, the feet keeps me awake the most. I'l have my blood checked Monday. Maybe it is my sugar. I'l let you know when I find out. Many blessings, Blair AKA Old Blue

  • So are you saying the pramipexole isnt working for your RLS. ?

  • hey Elisse, i think i answered your 2--- ?...s I don't know if there's a way to see if i did. is there a way? Blair GOD BLESS

  • its been 2 wks now no sugar. feet still hurt, burn ( worse now than more than ever ) tee total hardly no sleep. topping this off both feet and calf's are swollen terrible. i had blood tests run yesterday. it will be a wk. before the results are back. my Dr told me there are several things that can cause this. keep me in your prayers. God Bless Every One Blair, AKA Old Blue

  • Hi oldblue, you certainly have something else going on with your legs. Please keep in touch to let us know what the outcome is from your doctor. :)

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