Restless Legs Syndrome


Well I've tried these for 3 nights in a row to get some sleep, did not work no sleep as such, but it did bring on the symptoms RLS so bad day and night :( it stopped the Pramipexole from working at all! so back to the drawing board. Get so exhausted I try lay down late afternoon sometimes I'll drop off into mad dreams so graphic it takes me along time to come round! Will phone my doctor tomorrow. Has anyone else had the same with these sleeping aid?

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Oh dear, sorry to hear. I never take any sleep aid so i cant help you with this one. Yes, phone your doctor and tell them, it sounds as if its not a pill for you.


Sorry this med did not help at all, I haven't tried them but they obviously not the right one for you, Hope you get something to help soon x


Try mirapexin 0.7 , they work for me if I take it 2hours before I go to bed ! If I know I'm going to have a bad night I will take 2 mirapexin 0.18 as well.. It is a really rotten curse


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