Restless Legs Syndrome

Antipsychotic Drugs to cope with RLS

Antipsychotic drugs are prescribed so you can "cope" with a condition. They numb the brain and the desired effect is that you can live better without paying so much attention to it. Does that sound dumb? Not to a doctor that wants to get you out of his face.

The other technique that goes hand n hand with this one is to have to you talk to a professional so that you can cope better and learn some relaxation before bedtime.

It's a last resort at that point.

I reached that point at one time. My doctor looked at me and said, "I'm sorry,

I don't have any more ideas and I've discussed it with my collegues - you

need to talk to someone who will help you to cope with it and we can try......

.....Antipsychotic drugs. My first one was Buspirone and 2 other ones to start

on the same day. I took them and was such a zombie for 2 days that I quit.

I still had rls. It's not for me, thank you.


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