Restless Legs Syndrome
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Can an accident be a trigger

I was knocked over by a bus in July and since then have been having episodes which I think is RLS (got an appointment with the quack later today). It's awful, it keeps me up a lot of the night, I only got 2hrs last night and felt like ripping my legs off but also had the shakes in my left arm. I'm hoping there's a simple cure but looking at some of these posts, I'm not optmistic!

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Forgot to ask the main question (maybe I have memory issues too!).

'Can an accident trigger RLS?'


Hi how did doctors appointment go?


Hi Daza,

I'm sure the others will agree there is not simple cure, but (I know this is a bit late now) don't take any old "fluff" from the quack. If he/she is worth his/her salt they'll explore before scribbling out a prescription. There are quite a few treatments that provide relief, but you'll have to work with the quack to find the one that suits you. Good luck!


Despite her suffering herself in the past, she just prescribed Pramipexole 0.088mg. She said she'll check my iron levels too (after prompting). I had two yesterday and it improved last night but I know it's still there.


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