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Gabapentin +

Not been on the site for ages hope everyone is as well as poss. Has anyone taken Gabapentin as well as Temazepam? My G.P. has just prescribed 2x100 mg Gabapentin and 20 mgs Temazepam. I have taken the Temazepam 10Mg for a while now but that dosage is wearing off. I have never taken Gabapentin and wonder about the side effects particularly with Temazepam.

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I have been taking 300mg three times a day of Gabapentin for ages now and it helps at times but sorry not able to help with your question as never taken them with Temazepam, hope it works for you.


Hi. I take gabapentin, it's very good for my legs. I started off with the 100mg dose 3 times daily, then went up to 300mg 3 times daily. At first it can make you a bit drowsy but fine when you get used to it. It's a very good medication.


I've been taking them both for a couple of years now and haven't had any I'll effects from them. I also take baclofen (muscle relaxer) as well as blood pressure medications.

My RLS has long since enveloped my entire body anyway. :(

Hope you're responding well to your treatment regimen.


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