Restless Legs Syndrome

Does anyone have experience with using the Butrans Patch and Tramadol at the same time?

I was prescribed the 10 mcg 7 day patch. He gave this to me because although the Tramadol I take works, it wears off after about two hours and I have to just suffer for another two hours before I can take another dose. It was getting to the point that my symptoms were so bad and happening so for we that I felt like my whole life revolved around the RLS and Tramadol!!!

I'm just curious if anyone is using both medicines at the same time and what your experience was. And if you used that patch by itself for the RLS and how did it work?

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I don't use Butrans but Fentanyl which is stronger.

I also take 4-8 tramadol a day. This doesn't adversely affect me but then I am quite resistant to meds.

RLS is a secondary problem for me but I find my pain are meds are enough at this level.

At night I take Gabapentin, Clonazepam and Melatonin.

This all helps keep me functional to work part time and with a 5 yr old boy.



I read on here that Melatonin is bad for RLS so I took it off my list and stayed

sleeping a little bit longer. That seems like a lot of tramadol to take every day.

I'm curious if tramadol affects the liver?


I haven't noticed the RLS worsening for me personally with Melatonin. I had RLS before.

The tramadol levels are the same as I have taken for some years for Fibromyalgia.

I haven't had any liver probs show up on bloodwork so hopefully not a problem for me.


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