Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have been diagnosed with RLS for a few years now and have acute symptoms, which cover most of my body. I wondered if anyone else who has RLS has also been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD?

I have suffered with ADHD like symptoms since I was a child and am now in my early 30’s but only started suffering RLS recently.

There is no link between the two conditions that I’m aware of but I have found research that suggests people with RLS who also suffer ADHD tend to have more severe RLS. I have tried so many different types of medications, treatments, dietary changes etc. but can’t find any relief to my RLS.

I am hoping that rather than focusing on my RLS and getting treatment for my ADHD symptoms may alleviate my RLS. Has anyone else tried this approach?



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Hi I have rls and my mum has rls and adhd.She has never had any treatmentfor either so cant comment on how treatment gor one effects the other.My mum is now 84 and her rls fosnt bother her very much these days but her ADHD is still there, Good luck


I have found a lot of links between ADHD and RLS, I remember reading somewhere that 40 per cent of those with ADHD also have RLS - for example

The link may be iron and dopamine. There is a lot of research on pubmed on RLS, low iron which might show up in blood tests, or might exist only in the spine/brain fluid, seems closely linked, and this has an impact on dopamine receptors. So dopamine and iron are the clues which may link the two conditions.

Did you pursue this, and did you have any success? I am about to try to find a specialist familiar with both conditions for my son.


Does anyone tried this on amazon??


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