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Search function improved!

Health Unlocked has let us know that they have improved the search function.

1) You can search directly in your own community (ie Restless Leg Syndrome) or across all of HealthUnlocked.

2) You can sort the results by relevance or by date.

For example, I've just put 'flights' in the search box and it shows conversations that have taken place on other sites as well as our own about how people manage their medical conditions on flights. So, if you see a conversation about which is the best type of flight socks to wear and that interests you, then great but if you are only interested in discussions on the RLS site, you can click on that alone.

I think this is a really good step forward. Hope you all agree!

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Yes, its a good improvement, had an email from HealthUnlocked explaining it. I have tried it out too. :)


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