Restless Legs Syndrome

not had rls for 5days now its amazing don't no why not done anything different anyone got any suggestions why am I in for a big shock?

the only thing that I have started to take recently is a vitamin B complex + PHYTO SOYA thought I was starting with hot flushes but turned out to be the meds(repinarole) so just carried on taking it keeping my fingers crossed the rl don't return

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The B vitamins are best absorbed sub-lingual. (under the tongue,slow

dissolve) Some name brands are more powerful than others. Injections

of the B vitamins are good if your doctor prescribes them for you. Too much

vitamin B6 can make the feet numb... My neurologist and diet class instructor

told me this. =0 .. Good for you in taking care of the dietary needs. =)

Taking Vitamin B shots has improved the numbness in my feet greatly..

and I have more energy.

Hot flash like episodes while using repinarole, eh?


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