just returned from the usa on holiday ran out of my medication(ROPINAROLE) so had to buy some from Walgreens cost me a fortune but I found that they are very different to the ones used at home (I live in England)these seemed to be a lot stronger I was given a yellow tablet with the number 155 on the back & on the front was a letter :W Was told that this was the equivalent 0.5mg I am taking 2mg a day + half of a clonazepam (this makes me sleep) but while on holiday I found that taking the tablets from the states were a lot better. Anyone any ideas why

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  • Yayyyyyy Yahoo for the USA,,, hahah,, Really? My dose was upped. The

    pill color changed to purple and let me tell you... those babies have some

    power. (I was on pink..then took a couple breaks from them and now I'm on

    the strongest dose- purple pills)

    Maybe the air is different over here. What state were you in? When I go to

    Canada, the air is thinner and I sleep excellent. I live in a non-pollute Wisconsin.

    The heavy trees here (plants too) provide a lot of oxygen. =))) We have lakes

    galore over here in my state. It does make a huge difference.

    When I traveled to more polluted cities (very large cities) the air quality was

    not very great.. I slept more poorly. Then again, there was so much stimulation

    with the noise and lights, food smells that I couldn't wait to get out of the

    hotel and get to where the action was.

    The pharmacy that you went to is very much more expensive than most

    of the others. My insurance company won't allow us to do business with

    them because of the prices. = //.

  • didn't have a choice in the matter had to have it hoping my holiday insurance will cover the cost by the way was in las Vegas for holiday never again so very expensive

  • You used to be entertained and you could eat to your heart's content out in Las Vegas. Now it's gotten family friendly so they upped the

    charges on everything. We set a budget of 200 per person per

    day. This happened in the past 7 years. You must admit though,

    it was pretty wild with the neon lights and bands in the street. It

    was always the party of a lifetime to visit out there... come to

    think of it.. I barely slept because my legs kept at it... so to be

    honest- I visited the oxygen bars and inhaled like crazy (they

    are anywhere in the streets- licensed- safe. It kept me going.

    =))) The states are quite expensive to live in anyway but you

    found the exception... the most expensive place.. almost as

    expensive as on the east coast.

    I hope that this did not put a bad taste in your mouth for

    America! Las Vegas is like an adult playground.

  • we visited new Orleans first what a place fantastic love the states but travelling my legs didn't half cause me some hell so don't think well be back as for Vegas the costs are ridiculous they just don't no what to charge you $8 for a bottle of bud that is taking the Michael

  • Agree... The tourist spots are fantasy land

    and not true American culture. (maybe just

    a tad bit) I travel as much as possible but

    you are correct. It hurts my legs a lot. I

    used to call rls "Airplane legs" It was the

    one most noticeable time that rls just wouldn't

    quit. I had a passenger who would not give

    up the isle seat and after I got up and down

    at least 4 to 5 times on a 3 hour flight...he

    said "Sit your aassss down" and I did that.

    The tone of his voice was warning me. He

    was an elderly guy who drank tiny bottles

    of whiskey that he pulled out of his pocket...

    and added it to his soda. = D

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