Restless Legs Syndrome

For those of you using Neupro, what Mg are you on?

I started on Neupro at 1 Mg, and am up to 3 Mg presently. It is not working very well and my doctor prescribed 6 Mg for me to go on. From what I've read maximum dose for neupro is 3 Mg! I have tried combining the 3 Mg along with horizant, but there was no noticeable difference. I'm curious to know what mg's others using this patch are on and if you're combining it with other prescriptions.

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I'm on 3mg and 2 tablets of pramipexole. Have been struggling with RLS recently and had very little sleep so may need to review this. I've found that putting the patch on at 6pm ish rather than later makes a huge difference.


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