Daily Mirror Reporter, that ruined Jeans article

Hi i mangaed to get Martin Frickers email


i hope you will all email him and tell him the damage he has done to RLS, and also to Jean, i know if it was me going though what she must be going through i would be devastated, all she did was try to help us, please let this man know how you feel

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  • I think he knows, the article has been taken down, and Daragh got a email of apology from him.

    Unfortunately, another website has picked up the Daily Mirror article and put it on their website. So, that article is still out there. I have informed Daragh and he said he would do what he can to get that one removed.

  • I have contacted the other website to try to have the article removed.

  • Didn't we have problems with the Daily Mirror before re an article by Dr Miriam Stoppard

  • what site is it ??

  • I would recommend we do NOT print the website address. Doing so will lead more people to reading the article and it will move up the 'popularity' scale, thereby possibly leading to even more people reading it!

  • Ok, i will not put it on here...but i hope they DO remove it....i will be watching...

  • i still wish you would email him Elisse, you have a way with words :)

  • I posted a copy of the apology yesterday on this forum. I am supplying it again for anyone who may not have seen it.

    Dear Mr Bogan,

    Firstly I'd like to apologise for any offence the article caused. This was not my intention. Please pass on my apologies to Jean also.

    Secondly, I have contacted our online team asking them to amend/remove the article from the website.

    I have no doubt that RLS is indeed a very serious condition and have sympathy for people suffering from it. Once again, it was not the newspaper's intention to "mock" Jean or other RLS suffers and I apologise if that is the way the article came across.

    Kind regards,

    Martin Fricker

  • What's happened! I've missed all this!!!

  • I emailed Martin Fricker on 16th saying I was appalled at the frivolous and irresponsible reporting of such a debilitating condition, and although pleased he'd had the article removed from the online version I suggested that he accessed some correct information about RLS and published the facts along with an apology. No reply as yet!

  • WOW. Sounds like I missed a biggie!

  • if we are to respond to an article with mis-information about rls then we have to know what is in the article. I think it should be published here, comments made and responses if necessary. I for one do not want to be protected from this and truly believe that the only way to make it understood what rls is really all about is to take every opportunity to educate people. Only in this way can our voice be heard and taken seriously. If we respond in numbers Mr. Fricker will never make that mistake again and just maybe help the cause.

  • The Daily Mirror article has been removed. So you cant leave comments.

  • as my comment states, publish it HERE, we can then make our own comments to Mr. Fricker via the email address supplied by Tallula. This is an ideal opportunity to get the message over and a chance to let him know what RLS is really all about. I don't mean complaining to him but educating him. You never know he may well write another article and this time get it right!

  • It cant be published on here... it doesnt exist anymore. !! You can email Martin Flicker thats all... but i think he already realises what he did was wrong.

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