Not Again

GP's had already agreed that CFS was not a mental health condition through the RCGP

(Royal College of General Practitioners) back in 2008 while a return of psychobabble at RCGP under the chair of Dr Clare Gerada aka Lady Wessely the wife of Sir Simon Wessely should not be unexpected reasoning on why the original decision was taken has not changed.

PULSE learning classifying a GP learning module under mental health

ignoring World Health Organization G93.3 classification as a neurological condition.

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  • Why am I not surprised ?

  • Seems they are intent on resisting change from the mental health agenda where GP's give out antidepressants and send people for CBT if they keep complaining of feeling ill.

  • Placing in two categories at once is all the evidence necessary for a judgement of no idea what is happening to be applied. This been the case how educating others can be justified is beyond comprehension, without defining what is actually treat or diagnosed by clinicians no worthwhile outcomes can be ascertained with any certainty .

  • You could not make this up as fiction who would ever believe such nonsense.

  • Any wonder finding a good GP is such a chore when this goes on.

  • Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (F40-F48) are in the mental health category of ICD 10 requiring evidence not available in G93.3 CFS / ME which PULSE Learning are conflating the separate categories against the advice of the National Academies of Science report stating:

    "We just needed to put to rest, once and for all, the idea that this is just psychosomatic or that people were making this up, or that they were just lazy,"

    Professor Ellen Wright Clayton

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