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Well, it took Eleven weeks - but it's done

I've just finished the 100 push-up challenge - it stretched a bit from the six weeks it's supposed to take due to Christmas, holidays, life. Lost momentum on weeks 5 and 6 due to the extra sessions added, the whole thing became a bit of a chore. Have to confess that I have been doing it on my knees and not full body (I've never been able to do "proper" ones) in the hope that it would build my upper body strength to be able to do them as intended. Well I did manage 2 after the 105 I did to complete the programme and will go on practising now. I also carried on with the 20 squats, static lunges on alternate legs through the whole programme so that also worked in some extra training.

I did use my push up grips all the way through and they must have helped strengthen my wrists as I can now do a few with my hands directly on the floor with no graunching sound and feeling.

So a good base to continue from and add into my strength training.

Thanks for starting this off as I would never have done it on my own 👍

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Wow that's fantastic. You sound like you have made some real progress, just the push I need to keep up with this. I have started from scratch again for about the fourth time. Well done for keeping up with it and getting to the end.

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Well done!!!! You have my utmost respect as this stuff is bloo*y hard!

I can't do push-ups properly yet either, I have to do them on my knees. Mind you we can only get better with practice can't we.

I'm sure your right about it being a good base to carry on with your strengthening. I'm hoping to do the same. I need stronger arms!

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