Push Yourself

I said it out loud and I did it again

Today I did day 2 of week one.

Push-ups, squats and abs.

I am using Runtastic pro because I like they way it counts the activities and it sort of notices if you cheated. The other thing I noticed with it is the break sessions, my normal way of doing this would be to have less breaks but my body seems to like the longer breaks between sets.

I am quite pleased that I have done two sets this week so my aim is to do another one by the end of the week.

Roll on a toned body, ( well toned, under my little duvet of a tum)

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If you keep it rolling RFC, and combining it with a healthy diet, and your running then you can't fail to tone up that mid section. Good luck!


I can feel it working but more importantly I am enjoying it for the first time. Thanks.


I fell off the pushup wagon on Friday and I will get back on today (weekend of boozing, three birthday parties!!).

Well done for sticking with it!


Hehe, we all do it. Thats why we need the forum to get us back on it again.


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