Push Yourself

This new community ---

This new community ---

is a good idea.

It basically emerged out of the Running Community - but it has a wider application as well. So there may be people who want to improve their levels of fitness and strength who are not runners.

Above is a pic of the gizmos that I use to help me with doing pushups off the floor . They are made out of plastic and are quite inexpensive . They stop my hands and wrists from hurting when doing pushups flat on the floor.

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I think core work for many disciplines is a good idea. It would be nice to meet other exercisers on Healthunlocked here. I've always said HU are the slow quiet movement getting everyone fit and healthy.

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Thanks! I'm aware that the greatest risk to my health is my bad habits. This group was created to try to counter that, prevention rather than cure (but why not cure too!).

The 100 push-up challenge seems like it would be a good start, along with the other challenges on their site. One thing that I'm aware of is that gamifying good habits like this is supposed to make them easier to stick with. To that end I want to create a badge system here that will hopefully push people on to these achievements even more.

One thing that I was wondering about is having 'public' badges that can be seen on your profile page, so if you have an achievement that you're particularly proud of you can show it off for all the world to see. What does everyone thing of that? Maybe I should create a poll...


Thanks for the heads up Bazza. I'm about to get some. I'm hoping the different hand position will stop the graunching sound I get from my left wrist.