Behaviour changes

I have noticed with my sister changes in her behaviour. This disease of PSP has so many facets to it - every sufferer is different but there is always a common thread. Never feel embarassed about anything you write on this site because we have all opened our hearts at times when we have needed "a shoulder to cry on and for support". So little is known about PSP by the general public on this site we support each other. I have learnt more from fellow bloggers, picked up tips etc than from health professionals. Just keep blogging!

Best of luck


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  • hi maeve

    i too hav e personality issues according ot my partner

    b4 dxd i was depressed but since then i Do not care and am good!

    lol JILL


  • Hi Jill,

    Live your life each day, try to enjoy each day, let tomorrow take care of itself



  • luv ya Jill :) :) :D

  • Yes.PSP. It is differentnt people. It depends on life-style of different people from early childhItood. I am having PSP for the least one year. what i read .in this nd what I see in vid aeos for different people it is differnt,

  • Hi Maeve!

    I'm quite new to this site and haven't left a message before, but I have been reading all your blogs for some time now, and I'm so glad to know that you're all out there!! I, too, have learnt more from reading what you've all written than from anyone professional/medical, so I totally agree that we should be discussing anything/everything here, especially if I can pick up any info. that might help my Mother who is suffering from this awful disease.

    Keep smiling!!

  • Hi Rosie

    Welcome to the world of blogging

    Lol Jill


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