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My mum has just started going rigid whilst her arms stick out in front of her and shake. She actually slid off her armchair almost like in a cartoon. She was taken to hospital the first time and the doctor said it wasn't a seizure even though she watched it happening again. Does anyone have any experience of this? Mum is quite poorly now and has been peg fed for about a year, is incontinent and hardly speaks. Horrible, horrible illness.

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I don't have the answers, but agree this illness is one of the worst, My husband was diagnosed last July but on lookin back has probably had it for a few years, I have all what you are going through to come as he is still mobile and independant all be it a lot slower than he used to be. I send love to you all and I keep all the things that have happened to others in the past and I will at least have a little knowledge when I have to gave all these problems. Take care Anne xx


I am so sorry to hear about your mother. My mother is not so advanced as yours but she now has minor "shuddering" episodes. My mother is aware of these episodes and seems OK directly afterwards. I don't know if these are seizures but I have read that PSP sufferers can experience seizures.

Perhaps your GP might help with the seizures?

Send you both my thoughts and best wishes.



I am sorry to hear about your Mother. My Mother-in-law has PSP and she has had it for about 5 years or so. Difficult to tell exactly. Anyway, last year she was in hospital and went into a type of catatonic state where she could not move or respond in any way. It was a blessing she was in hospital the first time it happened as I think we might have panicked if she had been at home. Usually she can respond to us my squeezing our hand or grunting. She was frozen stiff. There was a neurologist with PSP experience on the ward who suggested that, as PSP was under the Parkinson's/Motor Neuron umbrella of diseases they can slip into these types of frozen states from time to time and it is not a seizure as such. The next day Mum was back to her usual self. I asked her if she knew she was frozen the previous day and she responded yes. I asked her if it was scary and she responded no. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck in dealing with this most cruel disease.


Hi, Maybe it's me but I'd tend to evaluate medications first as the cause and after eliminating those I'd proceed to other causes. In our world we are so over medicated that often the effects of the drugs can be causing our issues. Just a thought.

Jim P


I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your suggestions and help. Sorry it's taken so long to post this. Mum is being discharged from hospital today after a 3 night stay with a severe urine infection which was the cause of the shakes etc. She has had urine infections before and they do strange things but this seems to have been the worst. My sister says mum looks like herself again. So we have learned something else to add to the list. Once again, thank you. x


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