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unable to talk quietly

My husband's speech is becoming less clear but the most distressing part of the speech problems is his inability to talk at a normal level. If I dont understand him he shouts at the top of his voice, keeps repeating himself and the shouting turns into screaming. I can't get him to quieten down or listen to what I am saying. It got so bad the other day I went out for a walk for some peace. Has anyone else experienced anything like this.

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i have psp and hav ebeen accus ed of shoutign and screamigntooo

to jmake myslef heard on myh part

and i am much quiete rwith my speech generally nd more garbled

i tend ot repeat thungs aswell a si am unsure whether i have been heard or not

lol jill

it is vfrustrating for the patient an dcarer i know


Thanks Jill, my husband says its to make himself understood but he doesn't seem to be able to stop himself. We live in a flat and I am sure the amount of noise he makes must be heard by the neighbours and this upsets me, although no-one has complained yet. Its making day to day life very difficult.


Hi my poor husband did similar things and he simply could not help himself. It helped when aI would take his hand and rub his neck to calm him then he would quiet and make more sense. The disease is hard on the patient and the caregiver. Give yourself penty of breaks and know that he cant help himself when he acts this way. Someday he will not be able to speak at all. It is all so sad to see this happen to our loved ones.



i foo am ih a flat and hte worst thing for the neighborus(down bwlow) is all th falls i hve and when i )frequently_ drop things on the laminate flooring

so i sihall eb much relieve dto be on the groudn floor for the beg of Ma

lol JIll



Hi Jill, luckily we are on the ground floor. Hope you are happier when you move. Please take care.


Have you tried the speech therapist? My husband went through this although his voice went very high! He realised that shouting was not going to help him especially when I spoke very softly. I really think that this is one of the awful stages they go through and it certainly did not last in Peter's case. Oh and bugger the neighbours! You have enough on your hands - think about yourself and your husband.


Hi yes neighbours can be difficult !

They r concerned up 2 a point then u have to think about yourselves as the previous person says.

So good luck with it


Jill :-)


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