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Winterized Willy


Thought I'd share a picture of Willy (my walker). Old man Winter... bring it on.


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Wow!! That's cool!! But how do the brakes work when you want to stop??!

daddyt in reply to GoGreen

The Flintstone technique... dig in your heels. Just kidding, I stop pushing/walking.


Lovely !

Wow. That is really great Tim. All we need now is a photo of you on it. Love AliBee

Nanny857 in reply to AliBee1

I agree AliBee. xx

That is amazing Tim, just keep safe please.

Lots of love, Nanny857xx

daddyt in reply to Nanny857

I will.Tim x

Dickenson2 in reply to daddyt

Amazing Tim. What a lot of snow already x

daddyt in reply to Dickenson2

I hope it doesn't stay too long, but in case it does I'm ready.

Wow love it!!

Mean looking machine!!! Enjoy xxx

Hi Tim you made me smile this morning. Willy looks great and l have to ask where you found his skies... l may need some this winter! Sending Hugs... Granni B

daddyt in reply to Mottsie

Found them online - Premier Ski. The set are made for strollers, but I adapted them for my needs. Always looking for the detours.

Tim x

Love your adaptation of Willy! Thanks for the early morning smile!

👍 very cool 😎!!

Oh Tim, I love it, not only because it's a cool idea but it shows what spirit you have and how determined you are to keep on doing. You are an inspiration. :) Agree with the others, we need a photo of you using it.


Very creative!

What a great idea...way to deal with our Canadian winter!! Happy sledding!!

WOW, that is amazing!!! Enjoy the snow!! I haven't seen a walker like that before. What make is it?

daddyt in reply to ncgardener799

The walker is a Nitro. I purchased a set of stroller skis and adapted them to it.


Very inventive!!! Do you live in US? My husband has PSP and tall walks independently, but things are changing and I anticipate that he will need some sort of assistance with walking

daddyt in reply to ncgardener799

No, I live in Canada... and short 😆. All walkers or rollators as they are sometimes called are height adjustable.


😷👍 Thanks!!

Looks very impressive. Must still be tempting to go to the top of a big hill and push off......Probably something you only do once!Richard

daddyt in reply to Richard33

May consider that as a send-off providing there's snow around when that time comes.


Richard33 in reply to daddyt


It looks like a modern sculpture!

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