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Positive update

Firstly thank you to everyone who responded to my post, it really does help through them dark moments..

Anyway, mum is feeling much better and the chest infection has gone and her energy come back. Or at least some of it.

I have just had two weeks off work so have been able to spend lots of quality time together with my mum, my marriage is back on track so things are on the up. So much so I have just popped into the garden for a cheeky ciggy accompanied by a glass of wine.

I have left mother sitting in the kitchen with two punnets of strawberries to chop. She will probably stuff herself with half of them so I make sure I give her plenty to allow enough for the rest of the family. I will then get her to make us all an Eton mess :) that will make her feel both useful and occupied, best bit being she doesn't have to worry what it looks like, I just hope she leaves enough strawberries to go round. Oh and bought two boxes of meringue as she has rather a sweet tooth haha. I love that woman to bits and love seeing her happy and laughing. Chocolate Eclaire are the funniest, she doesn't half make some strange shapes with them.

Back to work next week so it won't be long before her anxiety rises so got to make the most of it :)

Just hope your all having a positive day too, if not stay strong, scream cry whatever helps. Just please remember that the feeling will pass and things will look up again. Maybe just for a few minutes but they will come.

Thank you again for all the wonderful support you have shown me, kindest regards, a much more positive Sarah xxx

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A lovely post, sounds calm, which is good to hear! X


Well Done Sarah. Exactly the motto of this site, one day at a time!

Lots of love



Yeah!!! for your day and time off ~ We are having garbage pick-up day that is making me happy - Over the past week and a half I have been making my poor husband come out to his garage and sort his tools and years of accumulated plumbing parts - :) On the way to the plumbing junk we pitched all the years of accumulated old furniture we were going to refinish someday!!!!!! What a great feeling to unload all that junk - We have a long way to go, but, at least made a dent and are it touch with the "letting it go" notion!!!!!

Sooo, having a positive day here in Michigan, staying strong, and have cried many times letting go of projects we thought we would never get too old or sick to complete!!!!!!

Thank You, Sarah :)


Cheers 🍷 Pleased to hear things a little calmer. What a lovely idea to get your mom making Eton mess - enjoy

Take care

Love Tippy

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Thanks Tippy it's great and would recommend it, as long as they can grip a little it can't go wrong. Made mum a little table to sit at so could slice/chop the strawberries only dropped a few on the floor, she enjoyed crushing the meringue and I just whipped the cream oh and lots of fun at the same time :)

Best bit for her had to be eating it though !!


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