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Linked to trauma??


I've just lost my mum to psp. She had always been fit and healthy. BUT suffered a lot of trauma following removal of a large ovarian cyst when she was about 50. She suffered from adhesions and subsequently suffered bowel blockages which involved emergency treatment. Eventually they removed a small part of her bowel and she was fine. The psp started very noticeably when in her early 70s she was put on thyroxine. Has anyone else had similar experience??

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Hi 77777

Sorry to hear about your mum

Hope you are doing well

Experience with me was not like yours just started with falls and other things then finally full on PSP

Take care

Sue x

77777 in reply to Suebatt

Thanks Sue. Mum certainly had problems with backward falls and spatial problems before we got a diagnosis.



Condolences to you on the loss of your mother.


I'm sorry about your mum. But I think most people witu PSP begin with falls, primarily backward falls.

I am painfully close to losing my mum. The only advice that I would give is forget PSP and everything that it did to your mum and your family. I plan to do the same when the inevitable happens. I hate PSP with a vengeance and don't want anything to do with it. It has destroyed our happy family heart and soul.

Think back to the times without it.

77777 in reply to am2015

Thankyou and Im sure you're right.


I am not sure if PSP was related to the surgery... though in case the patient is already suffering from dementia/PSP, any surgery or trauma can aggravate the patient and take the patient down by 1 stage

In retrospect, my dad suffered from hypo-thyrodism in his 50s... a few years later, the first signs of dementia, forgetfulness and anger started appearing - but my dad's family had a history of neuro related problems so it might be unrelated

So sorry to hear about your mun.

My hubby had prostate cancer and while he was being treated for that disease i noticed the first odd symptoms appearing and away we went.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that sometimes a trauma can trigger the start. But like i say it is anecdotal.


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