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Bruce has had that Catheter...10 days and urine has particulate in the tube...I have read this could be UTI or just bacteria.....I can't take him to urgent care, they don't do fragile and or invasive conditions...and that's only thing open on a Sunday besides the dreaded ER....Talk to me the thickening of the urine ok? I know the answer he is not experiencing any other maybe it is ok????

Scared in Arkansas,


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  • Hi hun what colour is his urine. If it is a uti they would give him antibiotics. All they would need is a urine sample to test. Janexx

  • Hi Jane, I don't have a "they" unless I go to emergency room...and as you've read by my latest posts...i'm not happy with them....7 hours wait for literally 12 minutes of consultation.

    He's doing ok and the urine is very pale yellow I will hydrate the heck out of him today....I hope cranberry juice will inhibit soem of the growth...It can't stop infection but it can reduce risk.....I am feeling so guilty that he has this thing in I can barely stand myself.


  • If the urine is pale yellow that sounds ok. If the tube looks a bit iffy it could just be debris in the tube. How old is the tube and bag. The older the bag more likely it is to have debris accumulation. Janexx

  • 10 days old....they say to flush it and at 10 pm ER time, they showed me how to do that but I can't remember!!! Doctor did not shoe me a thing but his new but he might have well done it....he did tell me this is not a good way to go....

  • Thank you so much for replying....population on this site get a little thin on weekends!!

  • oh that PSP took wkds off haah

  • Do you know how to flush this thing?

  • Have you only got the one bag. It could be that you just need to put a new bag on. Janexx

  • I am flying by the seat of my pants babycakes....They strapped the thing on him and said go, pee well! ...don't know how and I am not sure when I shoudl do this...can you change out bag without changing that when you flush it and how do I that......Someone was supposed to come out but they did I am more ignorant than usual. And when he was at the urologist I didn't know what to ask in care and maintenance! Doc was just pissed (pardon the pun) that we were going to keep the thing....for that I am sorry if it is going to cause this much stress.....


    Thank you so much for writing...this is making me calmer

  • You can change the bag without any problems. The catheter itself stays in place. I change the bag every third day. If you leave it to long the tube between the catheter and bag does look as if it has got sediment in it. The only time you would need to flush a catheter is if it was blocked. And you would need sterile water a large syringe and lots of nerve.

    If he has got pale yellow urine and he is still passing urine i would say it is a new bag needed.


  • Oh thank you Jane (and Yvonne) I might see if they have some bags at the drug store....This is what I'm talking about with doctors or at least my doctor.....they couldve changed it was already a week old...No instead they rely on another agency to firtst be contracted out...then it needs to set up a schedule...then they need to teach us all this stuff....It will probably happen by mid to end of week but still got a million miles to go before I sleep!

    Well hsuband wants to go to I will be on my way for now....

    Thank you again for your help


  • Hi the top bag should be changed weekly, it more than likely needs changing, don't beat yourself up, this is all new to us, did they not give you bags to change after a week? Sending you a big hug xxxxx

  • No bags!!

  • Thank you Yvonne I gave you and Jane same msg.....I am going to see if I cant find this stuff on my own while they work out the contract who's doing what....How to run a business eh?


    Thank you for your input...I feel like i'm on an island surrounded by contaminated pee!!! lol

  • abirke you are a survivor! I am so sorry you have still more to deal with. It is amazing the sense of humor you manage to keep going in spite of it all. That goes for all of you. You all help me keep things in perspective. This site is so amazing. Hugs to all of you.

  • Well I tell ya I'm eating my words this week.....First I do not want any help to come in to my home... but in the light of this catheter craziness I just told Georgepa how I envy ya'll are for having someone come in on a Sunday to boot!

    Sorry georgepa I guess I am more needy than I believe... ! Lets jsut hope his new nurses won't be your old 'Mis Not A Mornin Person!'

    Did you get that all settled?


  • I used a "night bag" for Kim at night and then leg bags during the day. I always emptied them and ran hot water through them and gave them a good shake. My favorite leg bags are from a company called Hollister. They have a valve that is like an up-and-down switch, so it's easy to know when it's open or closed. And it has a cap to put on it as a safety precaution. Medicare will provide 2 night bags and 4 leg bags each month. I usually used the same night bag for a longer period of time, but I did generally change the leg bag once a week. But they are pretty sturdy and could last much longer.

    As far as the urine, if it has particulates in it, that would concern me that he has a UTI. The color should be a pale yellow and nothing should be floating around in it. And the odor should not be extremely strong. Have you smelled the urine when you empty it in the toilet? (Need to take a whiff of Jiff) :-)

    I bought my own Urinalysis test strips (I think you get about 100 for $80). It was much easier for me to test her urine than go through all the hassles of taking her to the doctor or convincing Hospice to do a UA. But it has to be a clean catch, you can't just take it from a Foley catheter. Whenever the test indicated nitrites, protein, leucocytes, or blood in her urine, then I would have her doctor or hospice do their own test, as well as run a culture on it to ensure the correct antibiotic is being administered.

    Man, I could right a book on this stuff. Think I will. :-)

    God bless!


  • Well maybe you ought to!...Write you a booklet, "Everything you never thought you would ever wanna know"and then donate it to CurePSP or something....Not only how to do a catheter or a PEG but how to get medicare what to talk to your dr about...etc I don't know all sorts of things!

    B's bag had sediment in it...but I don't believe he has any pre UTI symptoms...clear non smelly urine....He is getting 16 oz of water an hour and he go to the "bathroom" every two hours....It really changes his behavior not having to take responsibility for his I make sure he still is having to void.... ;) That could be in the book ...independence and responsibility of the patient...and don't forget independence and free time for the caregiver!

    Man this could be a chapter book!

    Thank you for the help- I will look into Hollister and see what is what...

    Well kids are here and I have been gardening all a mess and kitchen is being over taken by son and his wife...they are making pork chops! havent had those in years!!! So I better do something.....

    That will be my book, "So I guess i better do something" hahah


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