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hooting and whooping

for a while now bugs has been making awful hooting/whooping noises for no apparent reason. They seem to start every sentence or often it is just a succession, especially bad at the table when it is often followed/accompanied by a spray of spit.

I have asked her if she does it when she is at the hospice and she says no but then can't explain why she does it especially for me.

Is this a common thing? Is there any way of dealing with it apart from wearing ear defenders and waterproofs?

Oddly, she didn't do this when the Social services lady called (more about this some other time)

Any ideas?

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My guy does more a semi-constant humming, moaning or droning noise, as if his vocal chords are engaged at all times when he exhales. But, like your bugs, does it very rarely with outsiders. I have tried to make him aware of it, as it is maddening, and sometimes painfully loud, but have decided it is beyond his control, and that the heightened alertness he has with strangers cuts it off, without any conscious effort on his part. Doesn't stop me from nagging, though. Sometimes I can get him to turn it into singing, of a kind, which is at least a bit of fun. Not much help for you, Tokki, but plenty of sympathy! Love, ec

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If is maddening when they somehow pull all the stops out when someone else comes , see ally to access them .. Make you felellike you are making it up .

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YES! It drives me absolutely insane the high pitched "humming" my sister does. It seems she saves it only for my benefit, no one else. I've found that my patience seems to run out when she does it. Sometimes it is soooo hard to ignore or politely ask her to stop and not yell at her. She is so sensitive to the tone of my voice. I have to be very careful not to sound upset. Thank goodness, she doesn't do it that often.


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