We booked a Mediterranean cruise two years ago, pre the PSP diagnosis. Ever since, and right up to the moment of departure I was ready to cancel it many many times. However, I knew it was now or never, so I put thoughts of foreign emergency rooms out of my mind, and off we went. J had been falling twice a day before we left and tiring easily. 

After a fantastic two weeks we got back last night! No major incidents and only 2 public falls. One in Santorini when he took out a fellow traveler at the same time! Luckily neither were hurt. 

The walker lasted two days on ancient cobblestoned streets before being handed in to the ship's carpenter for repairs. After that he managed with a cane - even in Venice - with me hanging on to and steering him with the gait belt. 

He will probably now spend 3 weeks in bed recovering, but it was worth every moment. We did all the included tours every day, returned to the ship for an afternoon nap, ate like royalty and attended all the evening shows. 

He rose to the occasion and surprised even himself. I always carried many sizes of band aids and they were used often, but if you are on the fence about doing something like this - I say go for it!! 

For yourself as much as your loved one. 


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  • Brilliant!  I booked a cruise as soon as C was diagnosed and loved every minute of it.  I'm so pleased everything went well and hope you manage to do many more exciting things before life becomes too tough.


  • Music to my ears!!!  Well Done. Please don't let be the last trip.  S and I regularly visited South Africa, until last year. Loved nearly every minute of it!!!

    Lots of love


  • So glad it worked out for you!  We went to Ireland a couple of years ago, and there were some bad falls, but, like yours, my guy  surprised us both with all he managed to do. I'm so glad we made those memories.  I second your advice!

  • Our sons are taking J to Ireland in a few weeks. All his family are there - a brother, many nieces and nephews and their offspring. A bonding trip for the guys and a farewell to all the folk there. My siblings are popping over from England for the day to visit with them also. Then his bucket list will have all the boxes checked. Sad. 

  • Cruise away while you can, we did many times and never had a problem with help always there. Sadly not possible now.

  • Awesome!   We did a Mediterranean cruise about a year before my wife was diagnosed with PSP.   It was awesome.   We've done 18 cruises, mostly in the Caribbean.   After her diagnosis, we did 2 other long cruises, one to Hawaii and one through the Panama Canal, which was our last cruise.   Kim is now in her 7th year.  We haven't cruised for the past 2 years and I sure do miss going on them.


  • For a brief moment I had a fantasy about a PSP cruise where care givers get to go ashore while sufferers have their needs taken care of on board. Every cabin is equipped and comes with an attendant to help wherever and whenever needed. All we need is a billionaire with PSP to realize the dream...... !

  • Sign me up!

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