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Well took Aunt Bev to the doc to day if any of you do not know medicaid pays for just about anything, as long as your doc writes a prescription medicaid covers it , we got a new hospital bed ordered , new wheelchair , scooter, and most important right now a sucktion machine , like at the dintest office use to suck you saliva out I think it will help 100% . That is what she chokes on the most is her own saliva its to hard for her to cough up and its like glue in the back of her troat , I got a baby nose sucker but it does not get back far enough so i asked her primary care doc to write a prescrition for it and she did medical place said that is all I needed to do and they would diliver it oh yea for those who are bed bound thos pressure pads that move so she does not get bed sores that go on your bed mattress work great she is so much more comfortable.

when I know longer need these items i would love to send them to someone to make life a little more enjoyable or at least more comfortable , dont care how far away just want to pass things on when I can

Lots of hugs Kryste

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  • Scooter? That sounds like fun!

  • Kryste , I will say it again what a blessing your aunt has in you. You are so wonderful to get and then to use these products for your auntie.....hopefully your auntie will wear them out before you can pass them on.....I am 3x as old as you and it took my son to get us on medicaire and Social Security....Thank God for the youth! Can your auntie use a scooter? Be careful! But the suction machine is a fine investment . I keep telling B about it but he still manages, though not easily.....Still something to consider!

    Well Kryste, you keep being the fine niece that your auntie needs and remember to take care of yourself.....Take a walk in the sage for me....mmmmI can smell it now......


  • I will take a walk for you in the sage Ill take a pic for you and post it . She can ride on the scooter still, but shes dangerous they made it fit the palm of her hand to steer with in stead of her fingers better control , but she is still dangerous, it al so has a controller on the back so when she does not mind (which is never going to happen ) I can control it but the best thing about it is we got to go camping last summer because it also folds out in to a bed, it is really cool gave her some freedom back she loves the outdoors and camping before we did not have a place for her to sleep , but the scooter the back goes all the way back legs lift all the way up so she can sleep comforty.

    hugs to you and your husband


  • Wow cool scooter. It sounds like it has it all and then some. did They make it specifically for your auntie? B loved camping too. Now it's hard to get to a public park....that's more my fault not being more bossy when he says "NO"....Well you have a few more weeks of camping I suppose..... if you don't mind waking up in upper 30's f (or 0'sC) !hahaha

    Well thanks for the hugs...same to you and auntie!


  • I agree with AVB. Your Aunt is so fortunate to have a niece who cares so much.

    We have a suction machine and it is really useful. I don't like cleaning it out much though.


  • Yea I dont think I am going to like it at all I think it will finaly be something that makes my stomach turn. I cant wait though for her it will be so much easier on her.

    lots of hug kryste

  • Hinkryste

    It sounds,great,ll!!


  • Hope you are ok you are in my prayers at nite when I go to bed

    lots of hugs kryst

  • Also my Doc said he is going to go check and see if hair samples are done I will keep you posted

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