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Apologies for the post that I deleted last night. I was editing the post and messing about with it for a long time before I posted it. Then I decided I wanted to try and re word it again so deleted it. Back to the drawing board. Because it's a sensitive subject and also because my lovely Mum (patriciapmr) posts on here I want to make sure what I say is accurate and well worded.

Thanks all :)


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Dan, welcome!

Your mom has gone thru alot. luckily, She has many friends here and hopefully she has learned things that would help your dad and give her strength to do the things that we must do for the comfort and safety for our mates

I hope you too find the same type of friendship and fortitude here.


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Hi Dan - I'm a carer like you (for my dad) - my parents don't post on here, but they may read it, so I try not to complain too much ;-)

No seriously, this is a good place and it's helped me a lot during this past year.

Looking forward to reading your edited version.

Lieve x

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Hi Dan. It is so annoying when your carefully composed posts just seem to disappear. I have done it several times! Do post again.


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Dear Dan,please do post again....I had a lovely message from your Mum when I first posted the other day!If I may share this with you,I have also been most concerned that I appropriately word my thoughts especially, as I am aware of how I am writing about my mother-in-law and I would be gutted if I ever offended any family members or indeed those on the forum....The fact you have stopped to rethink shows what a lovely person you are!I do hope your Dad is doing okay best wishes Clare in Newcastle

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Hi Dan,

Many of us will have had it happen, so I now type the message in 'Word" and then cut and paste it into the reply box. In my case although the content hasn't improved at least half edited versions don't get posted or disappear into the ether.

Kind regards, Jerry


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