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Possible stroke?

The other night I was called up to the nursing home where my mum is. She was unresponsive and didn't acknowledge I was there, which isn't her as she always has a smile for me.

She was taken to hospital where they thought she had had a stroke. She is currently still in hospital having tests.

She had chest X-ray, CT scan, both clear. Today she had a lumber puncture and results on Monday.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any thing similar?

What are these symptoms? Is it common in PSP?

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I take it she has not been diagnosed with PSP. in the case of my husband, none of this sounds familiar. Does she have a neurololgist? if not get one . Read up on PSP if you fear this what she has. and then ask dr about it is where I tell everyone to go. Good luck



Yes she has PSP she has had it for 6 years now so these symptoms are totally unexpected


Hi Steph75,

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds to me as though she may have had a stroke. All the experts seem to agree that it is seldom the disease per se that ends the lives of PSP sufferers, but other things such as infections or strokes etc.

3 months ago I lost my wonderful husband and best friend to PSP, Alzheimer's and Frontal Lobe Dementia. Although he had all these disorders, he was still relatively alert and knew us all. The final indignity he had to suffer was a stroke, after which he never regained consciousness, and this is what took him in the end. Although a stroke was not entirely unexpected, the timing and suddenness of it was, and his death has left me feeling absolutely shattered.

When my husband was taken to hospital, they ran a battery of neurological tests and did a CT scan. The scan was clear of any indication of a haemorrhage, so they recorded his death as a brain stem stroke which would not show up on the scan, or so they said. Also, CT scans do not pick up strokes caused by clots. My inclination is that a clot killed my husband and I am now awaiting the results of the autopsy of his brain, which we donated for study.

Having PSP is bad enough, but watching someone in this state and feeling so entirely helpless is excruciating.

My thoughts are with you.



Thank you lois

It doesn't give me much hope then. We get results tomorrow but she's not her usual self at all



I'm sorry, Steph but is suppose you knew this day would come....

It is good that a man should hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.... Lamentations 3:26

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strenthen thine heart....Psalm 27:14



I am so sorry. Was PSP the first diagnosis, before the dementia and Alzheimer's? B has some dementia, though I think it is more the lack of words than the lack of memory..."I don't know" is easier....

Let me leave you with this verse:

Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world....Matt 28-20



Brian has had a mini stroke since he was diagnosed with psp. From what the neuro people said it is quite common for them to either have several mini strokes (they can pass without you knowing) or a large stroke.

both are hard to recognise in a person with a neurological desease. Sorry i can't give better news. Janexx


Thank you jane I always thought it was pneumonia that she would get not strokes?

We get results tomorrow but it doesn't give me much hope

Steph x


Yes steph when you read all about it everything seems to indicate that it will be pneumonia that does the dirty deed. But after making friends with one of the neuro girls and talking things over it's about 50/50 as to whether it's pneumonia or something else takes them. Bit like an unlucky dip. Janexx


Hi Steph,

Sending you lots of love and a big hug, at this terrible time for you.

Lots of love



My husband has psp. He's awake all night my thoughts are with you


My mother has PSP. This is a similar situation that happened to her last November. One morning I could not wake her up. She was talking the evening before but thought she might be coming down with a cold.We had her taken by ambulance to the ER where she was diagnosed with metabolic encephalopathy. She had CT,MRI,LUMBAR PUNCTURE,XRAYS. She was given fluid hydration. She also had a UTI. Her medication was adjusted to include potassium and magnesium oxide. After 12 days in the hospital she was transferred to a rehab facility for 40 days where she was started on Physical therapy.All doctors seemed to be stumped as to why this happened. Possible thoughts were UTI,dehydration,medication. She had been on amantadine but that was totally stopped during this last hospitalization after having been on for 3 weeks. A situation also happened in October of last year when she had been on amantadine for 3 weeks and started slumping. Took her to the ER and she was hospitalized for a few days then went home and started amantadine for another 3 weeks when the second bad slump happened. The doctors didn't seem to think amantadine was the cause but she has not had another slump since it was totally stopped last November. Just a thought.


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