Hello. My dad was diagnosed with PSP 5 years ago and is currently in a Nursing Home. They refuse to provide my dad a wheelchair and have said I need to get a reclining mobile chair with straps. I've looked into buying one but they're about £3000 to buy and £100 to hire a week. Does anyone out there have any advice/suggestions? Or does anyone perhaps have one that isn't used anymore, that I could buy for a reasonable price? Many thanks for reading this.

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  • Hi Deborah, I am presuming you are in the UK, as you talk about £'s. Is your father totally fee paying? I thought the NHS helped with most things like this. I would check with various people, social services, his GP, OT, anybody you can think of, for advice. Try everyone before buying anything!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Heady. Your advice is much appreciated!

  • Hi Deborah, as Heady said, I'm sure you should be able to have one on loan on the NHS. I was offered a reclining wheelchair but as I needed an electic wheelchair because I couldn't push my husband, I had to buy one. £3000 seems very expensive for a manual chair. If you are talking about an electric one, It will not be provided by the NHS unless your dad can steer it himself ( unless other counties work in a different way to Kent). Your dad should be measured and assessed for a chair before you get one. My husband had to have extra sides put on his to stop him flopping over and the seat width is important.

    I do hope you manage to get one without paying. My husband's cost more than both my brothers paid for their second hand cars.

  • Hi NannaB. Yes, they're ridiculously expensive. My Dad doesn't need an electric chair, just one that can support him and enable him to recline. A standard wheelchair isn't deemed secure enough. Thanks for your advice - it's much appreciated!

  • Hi where are you ? I have a rise and recline I am selling for a very small cost x

  • Hello. Thanks for your reply. I'm based in London and so is my Dad. Where are you?

  • Shrewsbury x

  • Have you got a photo or any details you could send me please?

  • Get in toch with Sue Ryder. They are in touch with physiotherapists who can/will arrange for you to go to your local wheel chair clinic (Pat's was at our local hospital) where they will/should provide you with a wheel chair free of charge. In addiion they make sure it is suitable for you situation. I'm assuming that you live in the UK.

    Very best of luck.


  • Thanks Ivan. I'll try Sue Ryder. Am overwhelmed with all the useful advice people are giving me!

  • i got mine made by social services you can have one hate it when they do that

  • Thanks for replying!

  • Hi....speak with your OT.

    I live in Dorset and they are supplying equipment free of charge.

  • I'm in London and so is my Dad. It's great that you get it free of charge in Dorset.

  • Hi Deborahw, we phone the Red Cross and they get us just about anything you need,from wheelchairs to toilet seats to shower chairs to high chairs to sit on in the kitchen ,they are brilliant and absolutely free....tel no 08451272911. Hope this helps .

  • Thanks so much. I'm overwhelmed how quickly so many people have replied. Am going to take everyone's advice on board!!

  • Yes I agree with all the comments above -your local occupational therapist should deal with all this - these items are not means tested go kick some butt!!!


  • Hi,

    I am amazed as you are. ,I am now in a residential home . , and last year the manager put in a request too yhe council to get. Me. An electric chair , I got letter stating thst they had enough funds for 20 wheelchairs and that they had had 140 request so far so they were very sorry but thst i would not be eligabld this year...

    So this year we apply again but a lot sooner,, however I got the same reply ??.

    So it looks like I will also have to buy myself one , but. As you know it. Is so expensive to live I'n the hones ..

    We,, I hope that you get one sorted for you. Dad

    Sent with much love and kindness ..


  • Hi sorry for late reply.

    My mum lived in Newham ( she died from PSP related illnesses on 19th April may she Rest In Eternal Peace)

    As you live in London contact your local wheelchair services through the council you are entitled to a wheelchair on losn.

    My mum went into a nursing home at the end she had a standard wheelchair on loan and was waiting to be fitted for a reclining wheelchair unfortunately mum passed away before this could happen.

    Good luck. If you need a number then let me know. Newham wheelchair services may have a number for your local team

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I'm sorry about your mum - may she rest in peace. I will contact the local wheelchair services.

  • hi Deborah how ridiculous do they think we are all millionaire's

    with psp and what sort of nursing home that wont supply a wheelchair to someone who obviously need it everything about being disabled means money money and more money which a lot of us haven't got;;;;;;;;;; and not likely to have with the prices that you were quoted mate see yer mate;;;;;; don't give up take care peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Thanks for your reply Peter. Take care. I hope you're getting the care you need and that you have lots of support around you.

  • My our possibly already tried this by now but my mum got a free wheelchair from her OT at the hospice she goes to. It's not a reclining one but I'm sure they'd help out with that also. My mum goes to a part NHS part charity funded hospice and has her neurologist, OT and physio based here and most adapative equipment we need they supply. We bout mums recliner armchair and bed ourselves but everything else they help with. Hope you find something!

  • Thanks Kelly! Glad to hear that your mum is getting good support from the hospice.

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