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Sleeping position

One thing we have discovered, to help reduce the coughing and choking at night, is to sleep my brother-in-law Victor in the "recovery" position (I think first-aiders would understand this term - I learned of it after my wife attended a Red Cross first-aiders' training course). This puts Victor onto his side in such a way that he cannot roll back into a supine position, and seems to limit the amount of saliva and mucus slipping down his throat. As a consequence there is less coughing and spluttering during the night, Victor gets a few hours of apparently peaceful sleep (as does his principal carer, my sister), and there is less panic when he does start coughing as he would be unlikely to choke in that position.

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Hi vymne199 sorry to hear about your brother in law Victor

I know everyone with PSP can differ in symptoms and not one size fits all but we have found that the recovery position actually makes my choking worse and have found that elevating the neck as high as possible with cushions eases the choking

but i as I've said everyone is different and you must do whats best for Victor at this difficult time

Wishing you and Victor all the best

Ta Keith


Hi Keith. Thanks for your reply. It only goes to show, as you say, that with this condition there isn't one size fits all. I am so sorry to hear of your own difficulties. Victor's problems with coughing during the night have certainly eased, but we are hoping this is not just a temporary phenomenon. With this condition, nothing seems to remain stable for very long. All best wishes, Melvyn


Thank you Melvyn


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