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I have an unopened vial of Zytiga, 500 mg to anyone who needs it, no cost.

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Hello Jarad. How are you??

I had not logged in lately and it appears you posted 6 days ago. Is that bottle still available?

I have had so much trouble getting my new insurance to approve Zytiga or even the generic without a big co-pay. Currently got a prescription thru Insurance and Costco. Hoping I can find a better co-pay assistance (on a waiting list with one) but I probably earn too much to qualify.

I finally got Insurance payment with a co-pay down to $120.00 per month(and that was for a generic, from CHINA!) I used to pay $10.00 each month when I was temporarily unemployed. In any case I am at 951-925-4463 or dkasper333@yahoo.com.

Been on Zytiga a while. My new Oncologist wants me to continue, no liver problems yet. Thanks but if someone else replies and might need it more, go for them as you blessed me greatly already.

Dan aka Wings