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Salvage Radiation Protocol


Does anyone know the maximum number of off days allowed between daily salvage radiation treatments before the success of treatment is in jeopardy? I have completed 18 days of my 39 day plan and was advised today that the equipment which administers the radiation is down. The holidays have already caused me to miss 3 days in a row twice, and I’m told that I may now miss up to 4 days while the equipment is being repaired.

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That's not a big deal. Prostate cancer grows so slowly that missing a few days doesn't affect results.

I had salvage radiation in May and June. I had planned a camping trip earlier in the year that just happened to fall in that time frame. All told, it was a 5 day weekend trip and I was assured that it would not be a problem. You're good.

EDIT: The post is accurate, but I probably should have said that the May and June was in 2017 (doesn't change the value of the post, but I wanted to be clear that it's been 3 1/2 years since salvage radiation). Still undetectable, thankfully.

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