3 months

Just had my first PSA check after surgery and it's perfect. Incontinence down to 2 pads a day. So far so good.

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  • EXCELLENT! Sounded just like me 14 years ago.... stay healthy!

  • bravo! may the good news continue!

  • That's great news! I have a question, though. Are you getting the ultra sensitive (post prostatectomy) PSA tests done, or the basic test? I ask because I went for a year feeling really good that my PSA was "undetectable" but later realized that I was getting the basic test, which doesn't measure anything below .1. I pushed for the ultra sensitive test, only to find my PSA was actually .05. Most oncologists still consider this to be "undetectable", but I'm not so sure. At .05 I'm told by some that I should start radiation therapy immediately, and others see no reason unless my PSA reaches .2+. It's a very mysterious position to be in. I'd say you're off to a great start... just wanted you to know that there are different types of PSA tests and varying opinions on what they mean. Take care.

  • Good for you! I think I was about 6 months out when I was able to get rid of the panty liners for good!

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