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Life Is Good until it's not...and it's not any more.

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In to hospice this week. Boy their drugs sure work better than what I was able to get with my drs.

After a few months of trial and error treatments, my onc. told me all he could do was put me in the hospital to try to strengthen me, I could go back on more chemo.. I declined. Hospice has me to where I can eat some without terrible nausea and can drink more than one sip of water at a time. I feel better but am still terribly weak. My church group has been great support. Tomorrow a group will try to get some of the snow off our roof, the side porch split a support last night with a big boom around 3:30, so it need attention NOW.

I will try to keep some updates coming. I was to sick the last month to even try. Love you guys, It's been great to be here for the last 6 yrs, but my time is about up........


62 Replies
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Sending caring thoughts and prayers to aid you in your journey.

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I received some information from an American lady about the difference between palliative care and hospice care related to my ex wife's father. Maybe it will be useful to you also?


7 months ago

I am very sorry to hear this. In the US, palliative care and hospice care often occur within the same medical department but have differing goals/actions. They are not the same thing. Here, if someone is receiving hospice care, he must sign an agreement that indicates that life-saving treatments will not be continued at that point and the focus becomes comfort. If he is receiving palliative care, then professionals work to help him live a better quality with the side effects of treatment while the patient at the same time is receiving chemotherapy or immunotherapy or other efforts to cure the cancer. That seems a bit off topic for your question, but my thinking is this: if he is already on hospice care, he may not be able to seek a curative treatment unless he discontinues his hospice agreement. Best wishes for you all in understanding how best to help him.Jennifer"

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sendings Hugs and caring thoughts to you and your family.

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I am devastated ,crying my eyes out now . Wtf? Shooter , I had no idea …. I can’t blame you for wanting to skip the chemo again . I d probably do the same . I’m glad that hospice drugs are working better for you . We love you guy . Thank you for visiting us . That made me very happy amigo . I was so happy thinking of you hanging with your young grandson , your buddy . last year . I’m glad that you all made that move up and got closer . We all will reach the same point with this disease. You’ve done good in life . The career the family, you’re a good man . My thoughts for us are over the River Jordan in heaven. Keep the light on for us that follow ! Awhile back ,In those last few months when you were still “ Driving that train” I was so amazed by you . I still am . May you step into the light on your darkest day . God will bless you with mercy and love …. My prayers and our love you have already . We love you man! ❤️😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Hi Shooter1. Thanks for the update, as sad as it is. I'm glad they are giving you the good stuff to keep you comfortable. Your post reminded me how important our religious communities are, if we are lucky enough to have them.

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Sending you (((HUGS))) and love. ❤️

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Hospice was very helpful to us at the end.

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I’m sorry shooter, this is terrible news for all of us. I read your posts and you are always kind to everyone. I will light a candle at the very top row for you❤️

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DAMN! I’m so sorry to hear that your cancer has progressed to this point and that you are in so much pain and misery. I admire your willingness to continue to post and to share your thoughts and experience with us.

Praying for you and your family for peace. May you feel ease, may you feel loved, and may you be surrounded by those you love and who love you.

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Brother, I've been following you for some time now because you've been a pillar of strength for me. I admire your faith in God and that further strengthens me. You know there is no death. And I know that 2 Corinthians 5:8 is in your heart:

"Absence from the body is presence with the Lord"

God bless you dear brother -

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sending out love and warmth to you.

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My thoughts are with you and my prayers. You do it right, a big and kong hug!

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I am sad to read about the progression of your cancer.

My husband John died unexpectedly two months ago — from pneumonia. We had always planned on hospice but he was only in hospice a few hours. Still that qualified me to participate in all the grief counseling and other programs they offer after his death. This has been helpful to me and could be valuable to your loved ones as well.

Thank you for your contributions here over the years.

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Dough, I thought about you frequently. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. Though the news is not what I was hoping to hear, I’m glad that pain is (more) under control.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

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God bless you brother till the end 🙏.

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Prayers coming your way

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Glad you are comfortable and receiving what you need! May moments of support, blessings and love accompany you on your final transition.

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Be strong. God is with you.

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Thank you for your thoughts these past years. Wishing you peace 🙏

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Peace and love to you sir.

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Praying for you and peace for your family.

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Shooter you always have and remain a truly remarkable man. I really savor your straight forward, simple, caring contributions to the forum. Love shines thru.

I am not at all comfortable hearing this news but at the same time I am glad you took what still must be some effort to let us know what is happening. I knew your situation was going downhill and feared I/we would just have to eventually guess that you passed on.

I truly hope you will transition as well as it appears you might. Only a handful of brothers replied to my very first post here on HU and you were one of them. I’ve looked to you as an example of what could be for me and lately as what is around the corner.

As sad as I am, as downright depressed since seeing your post 2 days ago its all about you now brother. Glad the meds are better is one part of it being about you. I truly again hope the very best for you and your family too. Damn it gets tough to bear witness to such great men as yourself and others succumbing to this F’ing cancer. Love you too man.

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Shooter is one of just a handful of fellows that I’ve met here .over the years . He is a wonderfully kind family man . He Drove the cargo trains across the southwest for us all .. Thank you for your kind words . We are all in this together ! Happy New year! 🙏✌️

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I am calling for a group prayer for shooter and family now ! May o mighty God give mercy and love to Doug( shooter ) and family! 🙏😔❤️❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊

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amen! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

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Miomarito in reply to SLIMPICKEN

what is that passage in the Bible saying let me be your yoke? I keep thinking of it as I read these posts to shooter.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Miomarito

He has a strong faith ! 🙏❤️

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Miomarito

It is through his stripes ,we are healed🙏❤️😔

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Amen. Sending love and prayers, brother.

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Dear Cancer: I HATE YOU! 🦊

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Sorry to hear how things are going for you Shooter. I sometimes think my time will be a similar ending. The best we can do is comfort and educate each the best we can. God bless you and your family.

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I tried to reply the day I read this but found it too hard. I typed 3 or 4 full replies, then deleted them, and finally gave up. I am sorry to hear you have progressed to this point. I was hoping BAT was going to give you more time. 6 six years is a good run, just not long enough. Thanks for sharing Shooter, your input will be missed on this forum by many of us. I hope the time you have left is pain-free and filled with love of family and friends.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to treedown

He is one of the good guys! 🙏❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

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treedown in reply to SLIMPICKEN

Have you heard from him?

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to treedown

No sir! Phone off! 😔✌️

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To shooter and all of us that just can’t stop thinking about you, shooter🙏

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Miomarito

Amen ! 💔🙏

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I’ve read many of your posts since my husband was diagnosed so I am sorry to hear this. I hope hospice care brings you comfort. Wishing you peace and sending you hugs. 💕🙏

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Prayers Doug. The destination is the same for all of us. It's all part of His plan. I take comfort in that as I'm sure that you do.


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Dear Shooter.

I was wondering where you were. We've missed you on the board. It's good to know you're getting the pain treatment you need. Thank you for all your support and cheerleading for so many on Health Unlocked. You've been so generous to all of us even when you were deep into challenging treatments. Likle others, I wish you as smooth a journey as possible with this devil disease.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to spouse21


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Dear Shooter, you have fought the battle with grace and dignity and a willingness to offer support to others. May your remaining days be filled with peace and love.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Mal-W


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Prayers to you and yours from Derby, Kansas.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Neathuh1

Peace to you in the heartland! ❤️🙏

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You helped so much with your words when my dad was first diagnosed. I am sorry to read this news and will be praying for you and your family. Thank you for reaching out to me when you did, it meant a lot. Hugs and prayers.

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I am so sorry to hear. You provided great information that was very helpful to us. You are so upbeat and positive, even during the worst of times. I could always feel the love you had for family and life. I hope your journey is peaceful and you remain pain free. ❤️

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Dear Doug, somehow I managed to miss your post. We came down with covid and I was out of sorts for a bit.

I was so glad to hear that quality of life has improved for you with hospice and I’m hoping that you are spending you time pain free and eating and sleeping better; that you have quality time with friends and family.

Do stay in touch. You mean a lot to so many here.


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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Lavender22


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Been here with you to shooter .....wish you a painless

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Doug, sad to learn you have had your toughest month here. Sometimes I think the desire to put the pain behind us, is what gives us the strength to move on.

I have followed you these past 2 years, and have read your posts of trying most everything. There are only so many options for us. When those are exhausted, it is time to get comfortable and enjoy the journey. You could not have fought harder. At least you know you are going down swinging. My very best to you and your family. I hope they can keep you comfortable and pain free.

You are loved Brother, Mike & Barbara

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Thinking of you ❤️🙏

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to SuppWife


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Devastated and sad on reading this. Not sure how I missed the original post.

Shooter (Doug) wrote the first post I read in healthunlocked. One of the kindest people to post here. This is tough to read.

My prayers for you and your family. So pleased that you had time with your grandson.


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SLIMPICKEN in reply to lcfcpolo

Thank you Graham! I love Doug! He sure did love his grandson! He did a lot since dx. I just realized right now that his spirit has been set free from the pain . God bless! 🙏

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My dear Doug, I have checked for a post from you and when Nothing, my heart started to break. You and your wife Saved my sanity

By texting me and helping me to understand what was coming on. You Earned your angel wings when you were here on earth and when the time comes oh those wings will fly

Please tell your wife that this wife was honored to know you. Sharon

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Collarpurple

Hello!As a friend o& Dougs you’re writing has touched me …Doug was cool ! I met her once ,and Doug only twice . But there was no pretense in them . Down to earth people .. 💔😔🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

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Has anyone heard from shooter1? I just tried to call but his number isn’t working .? May God bless our brother! Either in heaven or earth! 😔💔🙏

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Thank you Sir! It just goes to show how quickly it sped up on him . Gone , but not forgotten! I already miss him! Peace in heaven to our friend a good man! 🙏😔

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We are all with you Shooter. Please do not stop posting .

May the force be with you.

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