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Adjuvant Interventions for Active Surveillance (AS)

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Tested interventions for extending time on active surveillance (AS) have ranged from no-brainers (exercise more!) to the ridiculous (1 year of Xtandi to buy 1 year of active surveillance).

Here is my review and the considerations that men on AS should think about before using any of them.

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thanks, very good info ...

Thank Tall_Allen. You are always on top of this.

Your HIFU description doesn't match my experience. After full gland HIFU ablation my PSA went undetectable for a year and a half with no ADT. Almost 6 years later, and no ADT, it has crept up to 1.8. No adverse effects with regard to incontinence or ED. Do I still have cancer in the prostate? Maybe. An axumin scan 7 months ago couldn't locate activity anywhere. Something is going on but isn't that typical of RP or radiation treatments five years later? I'm happy with the results.

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Great to hear - atypically good results are always welcome news! Thankfully, patients like yourself can do better than the average in a trial, just as some patients do worse. In the trial, the typical results were worse than RP or RT for the same risk group.

So this is AS prior to treatment. What's your opinion on things (other than diet and exercise) that have strong data showing significant benefit when you are on AS after primary treatment? For many biochemical failure can occur one or more years later after having PSA levels in the undetectable range (< 0.05). Are there supplements and/or low-cost drugs that are wise to consider when on AS *after* treatment?

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AS is the term that is used only for men with PCa that hasn't been treated.

For recurrent men there is absolutely no "strong data" on any supplements or low-cost drugs that are "wise to consider. " All data are very weak and only suggestive. Lacking good data, I would recommend you stick to such things that haven't been proven ineffective, don't interfere with tests, have no known safety hazards are interference with other drugs, and are of known purity.

There are drugs that have been tried when PSADT is rapid.

What can you tell me about CyberKnife for prostate cancer. Really don't like the idea of surgery so looking at other options.

SBRT is what I had (CyberKnife is just one brand of linac used for SBRT).

I read post on vitamin d so take it or not take it always thought is was good for prostate cancer I was taking it before prostate cancer because I was low. To take or not take that is my question?

If your serum level is low, you should supplement, otherwise not.

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