Excellent New York Times article about active surveillance

Today's New York Times had an excellent article on active surveillance. This article has been very well researched and I recommend that everyone take a look at it. Below is the link to the article.



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  • Thanks for sharing, Joel! I'm 50 and chose a path of AS 6 months ago, and it's good to see articles that help justify my decision. :-) Of course I'm closely watching my PSA - every 3 months.

  • skillmk Some men avoid surgery because of the side effects.

  • Thanks. Great article. I chose surgery because I am 62 years old. My biopsy showed 2 of 12 samples with cancer cells growing. I had a prostate exam every 6 months. A nodule was present in August 2015, which was not there 6 months prior.

  • Good info on issue at hand. I choose active surveillance.

  • Don't want to add any extra anxiety to anyone, BUT, as a 23 year PC survivor who was diagnosed at the early age of 52 and a facilitator for our local PC Support Group, if you are relatively young (under 60) and have been diagnosed, make damn sure you are ACTIVELY SURVEILING and not just WATCHFUL WAITING which really means you could be just watchfully waiting for your cancer to spread! Unfortunately, but realistically PC, is not like a cold. It ain't gonna go away by itself! I have seen more than one man who used WW and AS only to say, "if I would have known then what I know now, I would have been treated." Age of diagnosis in PC is everything.

  • Thanks for the post, Avery good article. I have been on AS now for almost 8 years and have been part of an AS study. During that time there has banned some up and downs. I did develope a blood infection after one biopsy.

    It is important to find a Dr. that understands AS. I remember my original urologists comment when I asked him about AS. He said we can watch it until you are ready gjklitzke@yahoo.com for surgery. I was fortunate to find a group that understands AS is quite supportive.

  • Your point about finding a doctor who understands AS is an excellent.


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