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PHI Test

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PHI Test, Prostate Health Index, Has anyone heard of this test (blood), how it work and where can you have it done?

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Can help avoid biopsies. Great stuff. Ask you urologist.

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GabF in reply to Tall_Allen

It is exactly what I have used PHI for, twice (still not dx, despite hight suspect first MRI)

11/2020 PHI 28.8 but PSA 1.31 too low for PHI being meaningful

01/2021 PHI 35.9 but PSA 1.77 still too low.

When PSA is in the range 2-10, a PHI in the range 21-40 means 21% probability of cancer.

However these two readings helped me postponing biopsy for one year.

I am to have another reading, meaningful this time, now that my PSA is 4,3. Because my last MRI showed improvement, I hope I will able to postpone biopsy one more year.

My prostate is schinking from 45 cc to 40 and now 35 cc, so I don't worry too much.

Here in France, it is one of the very few blood tests you have to pay for.

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Tall_Allen in reply to GabF

A similar test is called 4KScore - I don't know if it's available in France. I eagerly await the non-PSA-based tests: ExoDx Prostate Intelliscore and Sentinel RNA test.

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prostate- in reply to GabF

how are you shrinking your prostate?

I'm on active surveillance and this is what my doctor (MD/PhD) relies on. It includes PSA, but also a number of other factors. Getting is just like having a blood draw for PSA, but the lab simply runs a more comprehensive test. As to where to get it, unfortunately I can't help there as it's simply routine with my doctor.

I recall that Johns Hopkins has been using it. You might contact the Baltimore urology department to ask.

I have been in Johns Hopkins AS program since 2009. JH helped develop the PHI test, and used it as a primary test for AS men for a few years. About three years ago, they stopped using PHI in the AS program. Now, they only do (total) PSA, which they use to calculate PSA Density, which they consider very important.

Thank you all for your comments.As I'm new to this tracking and investigating, not sure what all will effect my numbers (under any testing). I have been taking testosterone shots for about 1 1/2 years; lowest dose possible.

Has anyone had this experience and how did it effect your numbers, treatment decision and doctors thoughts?

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