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Blood in semen

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1 year anniversary yesterday for SBRT. I still have an almost normal amount of ejaculate. Now it looks a little rusty like maybe some blood. Is that a normal thing?

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Yes, very normal. I still get it occasionally 11 years later. My RO tells me it's from scar tissue sloughing off. Nothing to worry about.

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ODave in reply to Tall_Allen

Awesome thank you

Or it could be unrelated to your cancer treatment. If you get an infection of the epididymis you can get blood in your semen. Happened to me two times before I ever had cancer. Both times there was no pain, but occasionally I would feel a pulse of heat down there.

You still have ejaculate after SBRT? Lucky guy!

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tsim in reply to golfbiker

I kind of like that, now they have to guess just like we do!

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ODave in reply to golfbiker

I do and it’s mostly the same as before :) but I have to wonder if maybe having the same volume means treatment didn’t work all the way

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golfbiker in reply to ODave

You're one of the small percentage of of patients who are fortunate that way. I wouldn't worry, as long as PSA is behaving as it should. Relax. Enjoy.

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