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Sons wedding

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Had a lovely day on Saturday, our only son got married, I’ve got 3 weeks before my surgery and the day gave us all something good to think about,

Regards, Pete x

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Congrats are in order. Good luck with your surgery. My RP was 27 months ago.Mostly good...a few drips now and then.

I wear a pad at night mostly for the occasional accident but 95% of the time it's dry as a baby's scalp.


Looking dapper. Keep us posted on your surgery and subsequent pathology. It wouldn't hurt to ask them to do a Decipher genomic test on the prostate afterwards, if they will.

Congratulations on your sons marriage. Best of luck on the operation.

Congratulations to your family, fingers crossed that you get through surgery and recovery without issue. Let us know how you are doing afterwards


Congrats Sir! Bless the newlyweds. May the surgery cure you from pc ! 🙏

That looks like burning man on your lapel? Cool

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ukpete in reply to Lulu700

It’s a prostate cancer UK badge xxx

Only son means a treasure ! In the picture you look so proud on his wedding day. My congratulations to him and best wishes to the family !

Congratulations to the newly weds!! Oddly I was at my son's wedding reception on the same day (they were married a year earlier in the midst of covid lockdowns). Best of luck with the surgery and subsequent recovery!

I am 74 y.o. with G(4+3=7)Grade 3 and had VMAT-RT 3Gy X 20 fx for 60 Gy on prostate and the pelvic bed. Was on Lupron Depot 45mg/24weeks (ADT). All that in 2020, March = Dx, End of May = ADT and June = VMAT-RT.

So I still have my prostate and I have started to have erection and ejaculation, A little bit less than when I was 18 but still good feeling.

PSA went to <0.1 ng/dL my NADIR then 0.4 ng/dL.

Got tested yesterday for PSA, T total & Lymphoma tests.

Congrats, Pete! You got this! - Joe M.

Congrats ! Been 3.5 years after RP for meNo pads, psa <.02, and it still works fine

( the Trifecta Club) it just takes about 2months to settle down, you’ll be glad

It’s gone and they will know exactly

What’s going on after they open it up

Congrats on the sons wedding again

take care it’s all good soon UK!

Congratulations! Many blessing for your son and his wife. We were fortunate to go to our daughter's wedding three weeks before my husband's surgery. Now he is five weeks past it and doing fine! Just a few drops during the day and dry at night. You are going to be fine!!

Congrats Pete! You look dapper and polished with your happy yellow tie and handkerchief. A happy day indeed. Our 30 yr old son has yet to find “the one”. Tonite, he said he wants me around to see the birth of his children. Hmmmm…has his head in the game. Best of luck on your surgery,

Mike & Barb

St Petersburg, FL

Hello ukpete, I accidently stumbled on your post. First congrats on your son's wedding. Next if you have trouble sleeping do what I do....When I put my head on the pillow I forget all the shit around and concentrate on building a log cabin (In the UK just a house). I can use any equipment or support with all the lumber, and tools I need. I start by digging a foundation and build a first floor with windows and all the stuff I need to build that house. I only concentrate on the house nothing else. I am fully asleep and never get past the first floor. MIND OVER MATTER... Try it........... BUT ONLY BUILD THE HOUSE, NOTHING ELSE....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 09/01/2021 10:41 PM DST

Congratulations and best of luck for your surgery!

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