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Interesting experimental treatment

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Experimental in the USA. In four other continents regularly offered.

It's behind NBC paywall.

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Hmm, I am able to access it. No matter, here is another link. It does not appear to have yet been studied in early stages. In theory it could work but theory and reality often diverge.

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Is it being offered in the US as a trial for men in the early stages of Prostate Cancer?

Liquid Radiation Drug! LU-PSMA-617. Must be different than the LU-177 we hv been talking about for FDA apprvl soon? “It all works, but nothing works great”. Adding 4 months improvement with 50% better and 50% worse. Buying us more time is good. We need Killer T Cells to turn this around completely. As Nalakrats put it, God gave our bodies 25 million answers. We just have to figure out how to turn them on to the fact that PCa is the enemy and turn them loose on the enemy. Chemically marking the enemy for target may be our next step. Hit while they are asleep at one of our 3 or 4 PSA Nadirs. Getting close gentlemen. I can feel it.Mike

St Pete

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