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Video from recent Cyberknife


Everything Prostate Cancer Patients Need To Know about Cyberknife Robotic, Precision Radiation Treatment . Cyberknife has improved prostate cancer treatment as dynamically as robotic surgery . But, Cyberknife is not for everyone. See if it's right for you. Seth Blacksburg, MD and Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW, explain.

1. How does radiation therapy actually work? 00:44

2. Does radiation therapy cause second cancers? 06:28

3. Should I worry about CAT scans? 15:00

4. What's the difference between Radiation Oncologist, Radiologist and other Oncologists?15:53

5. What's new and great in radiation therapy? 17:22

6. What is Cyberknife? 18:23

7. How does Cyberknife work? 27:00

8. Are there special considerations for African American, who die from prostate cancer at a rate 2.4 higher than that for Caucasian men? 32:21

9. How much radiation will Cyberknife give me, compared to other types of radiation treatments? 34:25

10. How many times do I have to be treated by Cyberknife? 39:50

11. How do you know that Cyberknife killed all my cancer? 42:32

12. Will Cyberknife treatment change the length of my penis? 47:21

13. How does radiation therapy cause erectile dysfunction? 48:00

14. Should I sperm bank before radiation therapy? 50:30

15. Will I be incontinent after radiation therapy? 51:24

16. How long does each Cyberknife session take? 52:40

17. What can I do if Cyberknife doesn't kill all of my prostate cancer? 54:40

18. Can Cyberknife reduce pain from a distant bone metastasis? 57:14


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This was the best presentation I've seen on radiation therapy - focusing mainly on the use of CyberKnife but also discussing broader issues of radiotherapy. I learned a lot from it about dosages, targeting, side effects, options in the case of treatment failure, and other topics. Darryl did a really good job of asking the questions that men need to ask, and I love the way he added an index that allows us to go to specific topics in the video.

Dr. Blackburg was very impressive. If you're considering radiation treatment and want to know what kind of doctor he is, this video is a good way to learn more about him. Also, since we don't normally get a chance to interview and compare lots of doctors, watching and listening to him will give you a standard of comparison for the doctors available to you.


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