Research : major researchers and names in the field of advanced prostate cancer, as well as specialists recommended in NY NJ area?

Hi my healing buddies. Since I'm new to understanding and researching the field, I am not yet familiar with leading researchers , out of the box doctors, and leading specialists. Can you provide some big names in the field, so I can continue research and have familiarity if a name is mentioned. For my own disease I know all of this info, but this is a whole new wing for me to get a hold of so I'd love a push in the right direction. Sending out healing light to all xoxo Erica

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  • Erica, I write a blog about advanced prostate cancer (www.advancedprostatecancer) for Malecare, the sponsor of this support network. Most of my posts pertain to research, so I would urge you to check into the blog regularly. Also go to my pod casts on iTunes (Prostate Cancer Pod Cast). Each year there are a number of professional organizations where the newest research is first made public. I would suggest that you go to the ASCO site and find the annual meeting abstracts.

    You should also ask any specific questions you have on this site, there are a lot of very knowledgeable and experienced people who participate on a regular basis.

    You asked about docs in NJ and NY, so I assume that you lice in the Metro NYC area. Malecare has two face to face support groups in Manhattan. If you want additional information let me know.


  • Ty so much Joel and thank you for administrating a beautiful group. I would not have any sense of peace about the start of chemo on Monday had I not had do much support. I'm definitely going to check out your blog. And yes we live in North jersey. He is not seeing a urological oncologist. The Dr is a regular oncologist. He asked if he could take anything to not pee through night and the Dr told him he has to check with a urologist. The oncologist currently his dr. Is a stomach cancer survivor, but I would have liked him to be athe a prostate specific oncologist. Ty so very much.

  • Hello,

    I don't know doctors in New Jersey but I do have a couple of ideas that may be of help.

    The National Cancer Institute maintains a list of "Designated Cancer Centers". These are research hospitals and clinics where NCI believes that the latest treatments are applied and the best research doctors are available. See:

    Click "Find an NCI Designated Cancer Center" to look for centers in your area of the country. Thee is one at Rutgers University and several each in Philadelphia and New York City.

    As far as a prostate cancer specialist to administer chemotherapy, I don't know about that. I had a friend who was treated by Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers in Virginia, but when all other options ran out and only chemo was left, Dr. Myers sent him to a chemo specialist rather than a prostate cancer specialist. I'm thinking that perhaps the prostate specialist tells the chemo specialist what he thinks the patient needs, but the chemo specialist is the guy who does the actual infusions. Maybe it's like hiring an architect to design a house but a home builder to actually build it.

    Best of luck to you and your family.


  • Ty so much Alan

  • Newsweek had an issue devoted to this question. Date: 07/31/2015

    The library might have it.

  • Awesome. I'll check it out

  • DaddyIsHealing - This is a little work, but can be done online:

    This site is Audio Digest which makes selected conference presentation available (for a charge) to people who could not attend the conference. You can see, for free, what speakers were selected, where they work, and an outline of what they said. Search for "prostate cancer" and you will get talks from many specialties. These will all be people who are generally well regarded by other practitioners in the field.

  • Ty I was looking to interspersed my research with some audio and visuals. Anything on you tube I've seen, but this really helps. I'll create a list when I go through things in case anyone in the future wants it xoxo hugs

  • A couple of thoughts. If you are in easy driving time to NYC then you have a number of excellent options at Mt. Sinai, NYU and Memorial S Kettering. If you are closer to Greenwich Hospital (a Yale Hospital) you should see Dr. Dan Petrylak.

    Malecare has a prostate cancer support group that meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6 pm in Union Square, NYC. If you want more information I will provide.


  • Ty Joel yes my father really wants opinions from Sloan Kettering , but insurance won't cover the hospital , so he's going to get an opinion there. is there any specific doc at a loan that is considered the best fighting advanced prostate cancer because as of now his oncologist is not a urological oncologist . Ty for your kind advice.

  • Howard Scher, Susan Sloven, Diane Rathkopth and Michael Morris are all excellent at Memorial. Also consider Dr Oh at Mt Siani and Dr Dan Petrylak at Yale (sees patients at Greenwich Hospital.


  • You can see the location and schedule of the NYC support groups here:

  • Ty guys so much

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