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impotence after artificial urinary sphincter implant

Hello everyone.

I had an AUS implanted in February.  Before the implant, I was probably about 30-40% impotent.  I was able to get a suitable erection for intercourse with a penis  ring and either the injections or Cialis (Cialis hit or miss).  But since the implant over 12 weeks ago, I am now completely impotent. I asked the surgeon who did the implant and he really did not have an answer. If anyone in the group has had this issue I would like to hear about it.

Also, if you do have AUS, is it ok to use a penis (cock) ring to help with an erection? I feel like it may do damage to the AUS. I've only used the soft neoprene ones. Thanks


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I am sorry for your problems. I hope you get some help.


I have been totally impotent since my prostatectomy via the daVinci method. I have virtually used the tri-mix injections since then and even after the AUS implant. But you do raise an important issue. I have been afraid to use the pump and cock ring, for fear I would damage the implant. I'd be curious to see what a surgeon has to say. 

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Brad, you need to ask the Doc about the advisability of using the ring.  It would probably be better and not use it until you speak with him/her.  

When you are speaking to the doc you should also ask about your erections, especially any rehab that you night be able to do ti improve the situation.

Let us know what tou learn.



The doctor at Memorial Sloane Kettering who is head of the men's sexual health side of the prostate cancer practice recommended the use of a cock ring, emphasizing that the cock "lassoo" type (flexible, made of silicon or equivalent) is better than the metal ones, and also emphasizing that they should not be worn for more than 20 minutes or so. HOWEVER, EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT AND YOU SHOULD RELY ON WHATEVER A DOCTOR TELLS YOU. Best of luck. 

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