Power2Save Transplant Community

Creating a Kidney Club to help transplant and dialysis patients learn to be their own best advocates

When I was a transplant patient at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, the PA along with the Social Worker and other medical staff affiliated with the transplant doctors and the dialysis center started the Brooklyn Kidney Club to help bring awareness to patients suffering from kidney disease. It is a really vibrant and amazing support group still going strong, and getting stronger, as patients learn how best to take care of themselves whether they are on dialysis or have had a transplant. I wanted to mention this in HealthUnlocked because through the dedication of the Downstate staff so much learning and awareness has developed to help improve the lives of kidney patients. Do any of you know of other Kidney Clubs in your area? Is there a possibility of bringing this to the attention of medical staff at the hospital you are afflilated with? I am looking into volunteering at a local hospital and hopefully become involved with the kidney/dialysis patients and who knows, maybe in the future they too will have their very own Kidney Club. Love to hear from others. BetterKidney4Me.