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What I wish I knew

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I'm Cheryl Cushingberry. I'm a kidney donor and caregiver for my husband who received my kidney. I volunteer with Henry Ford Transplant Institute as a TLC and PFAC member. We are a patient to patient volunteer support group for transplant patients and families. Tomorrow we are having a What I wish I knew session at Children's Hospital in Detroit Michigan on Beaubien St. Join us if you are in the area and have questions or would like to interact with transplant physicians and team members. This event is for adults and children. All are welcome!

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Great, Cheryl, thank you for sharing! Hope the event was a great one :)

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mscushModerator in reply to Rmassi

Thank you, Rae:

We are introducing the exercise to many of our partners and stakeholders to gauge their patient population on what they wish they had known or as to medical staff, what they asked themselves after the fact when interacting with patients. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience.


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Rmassi in reply to mscush

That's wonderful, Cheryl. So glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves and had such a fulfilling experience. What an important topic to discuss.

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We are also asking staff, who are the intermediaries between doctors and patients, to share what they hear are concerns from patients, to help improve the quality of the entire patient experience.

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