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Happy Mother’s Day

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Hey everyone, I hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day, even in this weird time. I hope that everyone appreciates their moms. I’m not a mother, but still. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful mom. So happy Mother’s Day. 😊

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Our Mother's Day has been and gone Anne but I certainly appreciated my mum when she was alive. That's really nice sentiments about your mum and I hope she has a lovely day. xx

Oh right I forgot, different time zones

Wishing everyone who is celebrating Mothers' Day today, a lovely day, hopefully filled with that special love which exists between mothers and their children. And thinking also of all those people who have lost their treasured mums. Try not to be sad but think of all the things your mum taught you and helped you with, to ensure you made the best of your life and of the love there was (and still should be), between you, even though she's gone! 💖

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