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List of positive activities please?

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Can someone list best ways to keep active during this grey, cold weather please, only missed one day of walking dog, but walks are short now due to said weather, thanks in advance.

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Hit (high intensity training) training is very good as you need very little time to do it. What you do is really power for around 20 to 30 seconds ie. jumping Jack's, running on the spot, having a 30 second rest and do it again. Do this for a total of around 20 minutes. Yiu need to warm up first and then do stretches when you've finished the exercises.

We've got very wet and windy weather forecast for the next few days here so I'll be following my Joe Wicks 15 minute workout DVD.

All the best.👍🌈😊

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How do you manage HIIT with COPD I only have moderate and I can’t manage it with my breathing

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Sorry but I would think you wouldn't be able to manage it with COPD🤔 The post didn't mention COPD, I would have no way mentioned HIIT if it had.

I'm so sorry you can't manage it, I really feel for you.

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Thank you crazyfitness

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You're welcome 😊👍

Hi put 8os music channel on TV dance at with doggy drink cocoa and eat chocolate watch films watch comedy not going out tonight at 8 I think BBC one come on here, look through old photos take photos of them watch coastal walks on TV or things to get your mind off been indoors, I'd oil paint but I've no paints I go out in park most days taking photos here's one

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Had 80's music channel on this week, fantastic

Also watch cookery programmes I'm cutting down on here as my eyes getting dazzling and neck ache,I need more exercise I used to knit it's difficult to motivate yourself I have a sad lamp for light to make you feel better luma light, meditation C ds 😊🌻soon be spring 🌞

Learn new cooking recipes

Home cardio/ stength training i.e. press ups, sit ups, squats (even with no weight and done very slowly they can be very effective), leg raises, stair walks, burpees etc. Obtain a bicycle stand and do home cycling

Learn a new instrument

Explore new places on google maps and plan a new adventure for when we are free.

Learn something new i.e. science or a new skill like sewing, painting etc

Arrange an online quiz on Zoom for friends

Join a virtual tour of a city, country run by online tour guides

Read a nice new book

Join a befriending group that rings elderly lonely ones

...these are things from the top of my head. There are more.

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Some very good ideas there, thanks

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Since the first lockdown., I have written recipes two hundred so far. I enjoy experimenting with different ingredients. It keeps me occupied most of the time, when the weather is warmer we will start walking again. My dog is old and not keen on cold winds and rain. He hates the cold wet snow also.

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Make cupcakes

Design a website

Take photos of ducks

Draw cartoon strips

Dance to music

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"take photos of ducks" 😂 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

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Part twoSketch flowers

Participate in games night

Have a cocktail tasting hour one evening

Scrapbook class via Zoom

Teach someone piano via Facebook etc

Have a cheese making class via Skype

Movie and discussion evening complete with popcorn

Cookery session

Trace your ancestors

Film review club self explanatory

Book review again clue is in the name

Game night as a family

Wine and gin tasting evening

Walks outside alone

Butter making lesson

Storytelling workshop

Singing club


Art and craft days and so on

Jewellery making

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I sort of do some - walks, book and film reviews with family games with family, radio, like the singing club idea in particular. Thanks for your monumental efforts

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A few more

Paint by letters and numbers

Do some flower arranging

Rewrite a newspaper article

Discuss poetry etc

Up skill yourself

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All excellent ideas. Discussing poetry-very interesting

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Try Futurelearn for starters.

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I'm making an effort to keep up with friends and family by phone or email. Normally it would kind of happen automatically with meeting up but as that's not allowed it's taking a conscious effort to keep in touch. Trouble is I get in a bit of a muddle who I've said what to and when and end up repeating myself!

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Good for you, thanks for reminding me there are relations and friends I've been meaning to contact since early January. I'm a disgrace!

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Me too lol especially on here I'm spending less time on i often chat to too many and is effecting my eyes and sleep😊🙀

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I do too. the trouble is I speak to people who are house bound because of ill health. Some of them have problems remembering what they have said to me also. We do end up having quite a good chat mostly.

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I am Ill so I sleep till 10 check here then have brunch.Sit in my recliner for the rest of the day as drugs are putting on the weight.go to the hospital once a week fog a five hour infusion and feel exhausted.The only thing really busy is my tongue!Oh and I do some diamond painting!

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Monica45 The 5 hour infusion sounds awful. Can you walk at all?, and what is diamond painting-sounds lovely

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There's an app called our parks and it has numerous easy to hard workouts ,yoga meditation etc and it's free.I do a couch to fitness with a 3 times a week workout for the over 50s ,good luck x

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Thats great thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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Thanks Tinker26

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